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Okay, A while back before Kindred of the Far East, was a signal planted deep down in someone's brain, and before I bought the book: The World of Darkness, I created three clans meant to have come from the far east. Now their clan names are fairly corny, and their backgrounds for various reasons really don't work anymore, but as a whole I think somebody could salvage them.


Okay the original idea behind the Yojimbo was big vampire bodyguards. (I'm pretty sure you would have had to be blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid to have not seen that one coming.)
However, it was also a requirement of the clan that all prospective Yojimbo must serve a certain amount of time as a ghoul before becoming a vampire. These requirements were originally a couple hundred years as a ghoul, but to make them feasible player characters I cut the time down if the ghoul commited some courageous, beyond the line of duty task that impressed the vampires.


Appearance:Yojimbo are usually large, very large. Yojimbo's that aren't very large have other impressive abilities that serve them well as bodyguards.

Haven:Yojimbo's generally live with their employer, though recently more and more freelance Yojimbo's have appeared. They can live just about anywhere.

Background:Though the clan was originally all big giant guys with brains the size of a Walnut, the clan has...expanded over the years and it's no longer a requirement that one be large, just a good bodyguard. Physical attributes are primary, as are Talents or skills. Being smart(Mental attributes and knowledge skills) are secondary factors but are looked on with much more respect than thbey have been in the past.


Weakness:The Yojimbo are more susceptible to the blood bond than any other clan. Two points of blood over two nights is sufficient to blood bond a Yojimbo. Also because of their powers, their backgrounds as ghouls, and the fact that a good portion of the clan is braindead, they are known as `Vampire Ghouls' and as of such receive a +2 target number when attempting to socially deal with a vampire outside their clan.

Disciplines:Celerity, Fortitude, Potence


Quote:OOOO, you make Otto mad. OTTO SMASH!



By P. Baumgart