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Last updated:Wednesday, March 24 2004

Last Tech Update:Wednesday, March 24 2004Wolverine

Yes I updated. Yes I am still an Idiot.

I am of course referring to the discovery that the links to this pages files were linking to the files on my computer, instead of the proper ones on the webpage. As I had not updated in about a year, these must have been broken for about the same amount of time. I apologize. I have no excuse except, that I am an idiot.

In Other news, I posted several of the characters I play in Pbem games today. Enjoy

Also please stop by the Forums. They're not actually my forums, but the local gaming shops forums. As I'm doing whatever I can to get gamers there, they should be considered this sites official forums, at least for the moment.

I'm going to keep a link to TCR Games on the main page, though I hope that Krillion can now find it in the links section.

The new web design is in and working now. Welcome to my new site. Click here to visit the old site. I have sectioned this site into several categories to shorten the page. The categories have aproximately how many files are in each listed beside them, and the beginning of each category page has some of the features listed that I would like to add in the future. As for why I moved, the graphics problem on geocities has been pissing me off, and Tripod also doesn't seem to care if I use this page to make money, which could definetly help my financial situation and possibly even give me time to update this page more often

Also don't forget to check out the Lancer Customizing armory on the Solaris 7 website. I haven't got much fluff text written up for the designs, but I do have a lot of designs.

Yes, I have a rating system posted. Bullet=PC Player and Gamemaster friendly. skull= GM only. Players looking into GM only files without the permission of their GM risk ending up looking like said graphic.



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