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Okay, Slayer's Battletech Page, EurOpNet, and all seem to have died. On the other hand, I actually seem to have added a few more truly excellent websites this time, including Against the Shadow,, and I also tried to organize the bookmarks by what I tend to access the most. This is not entirely accurate. (For instance, I access TCR games far more than the Wizkids site.) but it'll do.

If you know any good web pages at all(even if it's yours) E-mail the url to me.Even if the sight is not RPG related it might still make the miscellaneous column.

Web Comics

There are several very good Web Comics out there. Here are a few of them.

PvP - Short for Player vs. Player. The Panda Attacks are particularly hilarious.
Real Life - I found Real Life about a year ago when PvP went down for a month, and Real Life hosted his strips.
Kenzer and Company Home Page - The people who bring us the Knights of the Dinner Table comics. Also the home of Fairy Meat and Hackmaster. They now run KODT strips on their site on a regular basis.
Dorktower - These guys make me proud to be a Dork... most of the time anyway...
Nodwick - Oh the idignities a henchman must suffer...
RPG World - This comic is actually more of a take on computer RPG's such as Final Fantasy, rather than Pen and Paper ones. But what the hell, it's good anyway.
Wizkids games - The new home of Shadowrun, Battletech and Crimson Skies. If you're wondering why they're in the webcomics section, it's because they host a bi-weekly Dorktower strip.
Ill-Will Press - Home of Neurotically Yours, a web comic that stars the very funny Squirrel named Foamy. Note that Foamy cusses a lot. There's a good chance you will be offended. Definetly not for kids.


TCR Games - THE place for PBEM games. I highly recommend this site. Particularly if you have trouble finding a RPG group.
The Shadowrun Archive - Okay, the Archive's still around. Many thanks to the folks at TCR games for helping me to find it again.
Shapcano's Shadowrun Stories - A compilation of several short, and not-so-short stories. Included is a link to my page. See it pay's to E-mail me.
Winterhawks Virtual Mage Space - Definetly worth looking in to...
The ShadowRun QuoteFile- The Shadowrun Quotefile, located once again.
The Official Shadowrun Site -
Shadowland - Shadowland seems to be the only one of the "Big Three" that is still active.
Blackjack's Shadowrun Page - Say it's not so! Say that the number 1 Shadowrun site on the web isn't dead!
The Node - Interesting
PAG's SR page -Some decent stuff here
Lady Jestyr - Not quite sure what's going on with this website...
Valhalla Relay Station - page of links with pictures. But I recommend it.
Killjoys Shadowrun Center - Site looks good. He's an obviously an AOL user though. Points off for that.
Shadowrun Survey - Do you want to take a Survey? Well if you do there's a Shadowrun survey here.
Brimber's Shadowrun Page - The Shadowrun Quiz on this site is a must take.

World of Darkness

White Wolf Home Page - Surprisingly good, something for everybody, including chat rooms. The World of Darkness is now in the process of being ended. There will be a new WoD released in summer 2004. From what I understand it's suppose to be as different from the current system as D&D 3E was from 2nd edition.


The Exalted Compendium - The premier Exalted website. I actually have a couple of things published here under the moniker of Graywolf. The only bad thing about The Exalted Compendium is that it works best on Internet Explorer. Fortunately Netscape 7.0 seems to be able to handle it.
Dayton Table Top Gaming-Exalted - There are often refrences to good resources on this site from the White-Wolf forums. Unfortunately the site itself seems rather hard to navigate, though the site owner has promised to fix this.

D20 System

Wizards of the Coast - Yeah, their bastards, but how are you going to mention d20 without them?
Monte - This is basically the homepage of Malhavoc press. A truly excellent gaming company. They publish the incredible Arcana Unearthed game. - A site dedicated to Arcana Unearthed and its default Diamond Throne setting.
Against the Shadow - This site supports the Midnight Campaign setting, and has some truly impressive resources available on it.
Fantasy Flight Games - Fantasy Flight Games publishes two incredible campaign setting, Dragonstar, and Midnight. They also publish the Traps and Treachery series. Not since Grimtooth have players so despised a series of GM loved books.
AEG - AEG publishes several settings, but I believe their best work is their Oriental Adventures series, and their Stargate series. - Home Page of one of the most beloved campaign settings ever.
Fast Forward Games - Fast Forward distributes The Demon Wars Campaign setting, as well as Dragonlance, Shadowrun, and Classic Battletech.
Mongoose Publishing - Publishers of the Slayer's guide series, Babylon 5, and the new (and excellent) Conan setting.
Fiery Dragon Productions - One of many company's that White-Wolf distributes for. Also publishes some adventures for Arcana Unearthed.
Troll Lord Games - Come on. The book of Extraordinary Names is a must for any gamer!


Stargate SG-1 Information Archive - A great archive for information about this excellent series.
Window of Opportunity - Contains information dealing with the Stargate d20 RPG, published by AEG.

Star Wars

The Boba Fett Fan Club - Not role playing, per se, but still a great sight with tons of useful material, about the character that still has George Lucas scratching his head.
The Rebel Roleplayers Alliance - This site is dedicated to keep the West End Games D6 system of Star Wars alive.
The Rancor Pit - Another excellent site that supports the WEG D6 system.

The Wheel of Time

Dragonmount- A Large Wheel of Time community with tons of resources.
Tay-Dor's PBEM Page- The webpage of my WOT games GM. If anyones wondering, I play Hale, the wannabe Blademaster.


Solaris 7 - Very cool place. Downloads, reviews, place to show off your 'Mech designs and much much more.
Outreach - I haven't really looked this place over yet, but since I'm a Merc in Battletech and nearly always have been, I figured I should really mention it.
Chaos March - A superior Battletech website. Even contains the so-called lost 'mechs.
Fasa Website - NOOO. After 20 years Fasa's going out of business. Though the link is still active, when FASA's site goes down this link will remain. Just my way of a memorial.
Inner Sphere News - Another good Battletech Site.
Classic Battletech - This is now the official company site for the classic Battletech game. As opposed to the new clicky version.


Amazing. Earthdawn somehow survives the death of FASA and actually releases a second edition, and yet Earthdawn sites continue to die. We are now down to one site which is no longer updated.

Strands - Claims to be the most Comprehensive and popular Earthdawn webpage on the net. Who am I to argue? Evidently it will no longer be updated though...

Crimson Skies
The Players Guide to Crimson Skies - One of the first CS web pages up. Of course I know a lot of CS websites went up before the game hit the shelves.


N! Prime - Seems to be a fairly good sight in the style of an N! network newsheet.


Welcome to CRD Sector - I very impressive Paranoia page, even come's with a bunch of forms that are a GM's dream, and a PC's worst nightmare. Unfortunately their a pain in the ass to print out.

Palladium Multiverse

Palladium Books Home Page - A must see if you play any Palladium games, full of things, including Character sheets and Errata. I wouldn't buy anything from the catalog unless they have a real special deal going on though, orders tend to take 6 - 8 weeks, so more than ever, get it from the local game store.


R.A. Salvatore's Home Page - Salvatore has fast become my favorite author. His writing is just addictive.
Michael A. Stackpole's Home Page - This fits better under Battletech than anything else. The Home page of an actual BT(and SR) Author. Cool!
Jak Koke's home page -The home page of an actual SR author. Cool!
Talon Studio's - This is the home page of Stephen Kenson, another Shadowrun author.
Thomas M. Reid's Home Page - Reid wrote Insurrection (War of the Spider Queen II), and I believe he's scheduled to start writing the Dragonstar and Midnight novels for Fantasy Flight.


Yes I have been hooked by the game of Evercrack... umm that is Everquest, yeah Everquest! (I don't have a problem, really I don't)

Casters Realm- Pretty much the premier Everquest sight. Come here when you first begin the game.
Everlore - Great zone and beast info.
EQAtlas - Pretty much the best maps available.
Erollisi Marr - Forums for the server I play on.
EQShaman - Site based on my main characters class.
EQStratics - I come here for Trade skill information.


The Next Dimension - I am a firm believer in the "Support your local Gameshop." philosophy. That being said, The Next Dimension is my local gameshop, and thus the place where I spend a good 95% of my money.
Dark Horse Comics - When I still bought comic books, these guys put out the best there was. (Though what I've leafed through on the newstand lately have reeked of sell-out)
The Character Mortuary - Do you have a character that died in a memorable, remarkable, or just plain stupid way. Tell the mortuary about them, and while there check out the other dead PC's
Serena Dawn - My last link is definetly not the least, and includes an Aliens RPG for those of you without the Leading Edge game, and even a Predator supplement for it.
Image Comics Links - Image Comics are so good even I shell out a few bucks to buy one every now and then.
Gareth Long's Encyclopedia Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts - There's a lot of information about mythical creatures here. You want an idea for a new monster, want to find out more about your favorite creature, or do you just like Mythology? If the answer to any of the above is yes, this is the site for you.
Windseeker's Lair of Mythical Realms - Not as much information here has at Gareth's, but the Graphics are better. And you have no idea how hard it is to find a decent graphic of a phoenix.
Holistic Design - Home of Fading Suns, a great game from all I understand, I haven't started a game mainly because I don't have a gaming group and I still have about I dozen games that I love but I've never had the opputunity to play. There is a Fading Suns quickstart download on the page. Also, there is now a D20 System Fading Suns game. It is incredible.
Moonstone comics - Publisher's of certain World of Darkness comics for White-Wolf.
Chessex - I imagine that if you're here, you already have a good idea who this is. While Their website has a good variety of dice and counters, there is no real way of ordering online.
Quenya-English Dictionary - Tolkien Elvish to English.
Sindarin Dictionary - Another Tolkien Elvish to English site..
Khuzdul - Tolkien Dwarven to English
Uncle Ancients Sperethiel dictionary - Shadowrun Elvish to English.
Black Speech Dictionary - Tolkien Orcish to English.
For a few Bullets More, A Tribute to John Woo - For those of you out there who, like myself, can't get enough senseless violence.
Wowee Roleplaying Directory - I'm not to crazy about the name, but I'll do almost anything for free publicity. Now at its new location.
Death's Diablo and Quake page - For all you Diablo fans out there. (Myself included)
The Xaedalus Project - Included simply because I know the guy who runs it. If you want to make me happy E-mail him and call him William.