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Wheel of Time Creation FAQ

It should be noted that this FAQ is very heavily based of Tay-Dor's Wheel of Time FAQ. It was so good that I used it as a base for my own version.

For those of you who have read the books, I plan on starting this campaign around the time of Rand Al'Thor's first arrival in Caemlyn (Which occurred in the first book.)

If you haven't read the books, or need a refresher, there's an excellent website that creates a timeline of the events in the books.
Based on this timeline, we'll be starting somewhere in the area of day 40 - 43.


I recommend that you have the Wheel of Time Roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast, (Or at least have access to it.) It's also recommended that you download the Web Enhancement from the Wizards of the Coast website. (

The Wheel of time is a world that is rich in detail There is another site that does a nice job of bringing together qoutes from the novels and grouping them so that you can get a look at the descriptions of the various cultures. So if you'd like to see more about the background you've selected to play, check out this website. Http://

There was an official errata, unfortunately the website it was on has gone down. If anyone knows where I can find a copy of it, I would very much appreciate finding out...

Additional Wheel of Time Game info is available in the Prophecies of the Dragon, and the 2001 Dragon d20 special, but they are hardly nescessary.

Submitting characters:

You will need two copies of your character and their background. One will be turned into me, for my records, and the other will be your personal copy. The GM copy supersedes the player copy, so you need to make sure to inform me of any changes you make to your character.

You may generate your Attributes in one of two ways. First you may roll Attributes as normal for a d20 system. If you choose this option you must roll for your attributes in the presence of the Gamemaster(Myself).

The second way is to divide 82 points between your six stats. No stat may be lower than 8. No stat may be higher than 18 (Unless racial modifiers adjust it up).


You may select any background from the core rule book. Seanchan are not really appropriate to this campaign, (especially as the invasion of Falme hasn't occurred yet) As such, I will not be allowing Seanchan characters at this time. I am allowing Tinkers.

Tinkers (Tuatha'an)

* Background feats (Pick One): Artist, Disciplined, Silver Palm, Smooth Talker
* Background skills (Pick one): Diplomacy, Survival, Perform, Sense Motive, Spot
* Required Skill: Perform
* Restrictions: No Weapon or Armor Proficiencies allowed at 1st level, even if such proficiencies would normally be granted by their class. These feats can be gained as normal as the character advances in level
* Home Language: Common (Tinker)
* Bonus Languages: Any Common dialect and Ogier
* Starting Equipment (Pick one): 1) Healers balm x2, Traveler's Outfit, Musical Instrument (common) 2) Musical Instrument (Masterwork) 3) Mule, Pack Saddle, Artisan's Tools, Traveler's Outfit.
* Height Modifier: +1

Other Background Changes:
The following are changes made to certain backgrounds to bring them in line with 3.5, or because of Official Errata/changes

Aiel: Replace the Wilderness Lore skill with the Survival skill.(3.5)
Atha'an Miere: Replace the Intuit Direction skill with the Survival skill. (3.5)
Cairhienin: Replace the Innuendo skill with the Bluff skill (3.5)
Midlander: Replace the Wilderness Lore skill with the Survival skill (3.5)
Tairen: Add Wealth to the list of Background feats. (OE)
Tar Valoner: Add Wealth to the list of Background feats. (OE)
Taraboner: Add Wealth to the list of Background feats. (OE)

The following is a list of the classes I have made changes to, or official errata changes, or changes made to update Wheel of Time to 3.5 rules. (GM) means I made the changes. (OE) means the changes are official errata from the Game designer. (3.5) means an update to bring something in line with 3.5 rules.

Algai'd'Siswai: Add the following proficiencies, Aiel Shortbow, and Aiel Buckler. (OE). Additionally I am allowing the shield bonus from the buckler to stack with the Class defense bonus. (GM). Algai also get another +10 to their Movement score at 5th level and at 10th level. (GM) The Intuit Direction and Wilderness Lore skills are replaced by the Survival skill. (3.5)

Armsman: The Armsman's bonus feats list is adjusted to mesh with 3.5 rules (No Ambidexterity, Sunder becomes improved Sunder etc. etc.) (3.5)

Initiate: DC saves vs. an Initiate's weave is determined by Intelligence, not Wisdom. (OE) You may not start with any Rare or Lost weaves or skills. An Initiate may not multiclass to Wilder, regardless of what the rules allow. (GM) A male initiate does not gain proficiency with club and dagger. Instead they gain proficiency with the Longsword, or at least they would if I was allowing them as characters. The Black Tower has not yet been established during this time period. As such I'm not currently allowing male initiate characters. (GM)

Noble: At first level Nobles get the Wealthy Feat free. (GM) The Wealthy feat is from the official web enhancement.

You begin the game with an extra 250 silver marks (mk). Furthermore, every time you go up a level, you can draw upon your family's investments, gaining 250 mk for each point of Reputation you have when your level increase occurs. This wealth does not magically appear in your pockets; you must collect it from a family business, a relation, or some other source of your family's wealth. If you cannot collect the money before you go up in level again, you lose the benefit for that level (but you can, of course, collect the money gained for your new level).

In addition, those of you who know me, know how little I think of the "Call in a favor" ability of Nobles. In my Opinion, "Favors" are a function of Roleplaying, not a class feature. So Instead of Calling in Favors, a Noble may pick a feat at each odd level except 1st from the following list:
Ally, Alternate Identity, Comeliness, Fame, Gossip Network, Householder, Infamy, Low Profile, Mental Stability, Refuge, Retainer, Savoir Faire, Secret, Smear Campaign, Trendsetter, Noble Title, Officer Rank
At first level, a Noble gains the feat: Noble Title. (GM) Note that many of these feats are actually from the RPG Fading Suns. If you don't have Fading Suns, see me for an explanation of what the feat does. If the Feat doesn't translate exactly, I'll fix it as we come to it. The Innuendo skill is gone, folded into the Bluff skill (3.5)

Wanderer: Innuendo is gone, folded into Bluff, replace Intuit Direction with Survival, Pick Pocket becomes Sleight of Hand, and Read Lips is gone, folded into spot. (3.5)

Wilder: Charisma does not determine the maximum level of weave a Wilder can cast, only Wisdom. (OE) You may not start with any Rare or Lost weaves or skills. (OE) Wilders may not multiclass to Initiate, Regardless of what the rules allow. (GM)

Woodsman: Woodmen gain the Wild Empathy special ability (3.5) The Animal Empathy skill is gone. Replace the Intuit Direction, and Wilderness Lore skills with Survival. (3.5)

Multiclassing: Not at 1st level. Unlike D&D3e (or 3.5) there is no xp penalty for multiclassing.

Human characters gain 1 extra skill point a level as normal. I believe this was an inadvertent oversight in the Wheel of Time game. (GM)

Human Characters start with one Background feat, one normal feat, and any feats granted by your class.

I will not be allowing PC's to take any of the Foretelling or Viewing feats.

Ogier characters start with one feat of their choice, plus any granted by Class. (Not including those lost for being Ogier.

Altered Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike

Along with making an Unarmed attack considered as Armed, it also allows the attack to do 1d6 points of damage (instead of 1d3) with a critical threat range of 20. It still only does subdual damage. To do normal damage would impose -4 to the attack roll. No prerequisite. Must be taught to you by someone who already knows this feat. It's most common among the Aiel, but not uncommon among Westlanders. Otherwise it's open to anyone. Without this feat, you still do the standard 1d3 points of subdual, but are subject to an attack of opportunity if you fight someone who's armed.

Altered Feat: Weapon Finesse

Beyond granting benefits to all qualified weapons (Per 3.5 rules) I am also ruling that Weapon Finesse grants it's benefits to any sword that can be wielded with one hand, Quartestaff's, and any combination of the two. (Double bladed swords and Ashandarei) Thus a longsword and a scimitar now benefit from Weapon Finesse as much as a Rapier or a Warder's sword.

Starting Money:

You may start with the maximum founds for your class.

Algai'd'Siswai: 120 mk
Armsman: 200 mk
Initiate: 120 mk
Noble: 300 mk + 250 mk from the Wealth feat.
Wanderer: 160 mk
Wilder: 120 mk
Woodsman: 160 mk

I will allow "Mighty" versions of the Aiel Shortbow and the Two Rivers Longbow as in the D&D3e (3.5) book.

A "Mighty" bow of each type allows you to add your Strength bonus to damage... up to the bonus of the weapon. A +1 Str. Bonus bow would allow an Archer with a 16 str to add 1 point of his +3 bonus to damage. An Archer with a Str of 12 (+1 bonus) using a +3 Str bonus bow would only add +1 to his damage.

* Mighty Aiel Shortbow (+1 Str Bonus) 150 mk
*Mighty Aiel Shortbow (+2 Str Bonus) 225 mk
*Mighty Two Rivers Longbow (+1 Str Bonus) 200 mk
*Mighty Two Rivers Longbow (+2 Str Bonus) 300 mk
*Mighty Two Rivers Longbow (+3 Str Bonus) 400 mk
*Mighty Two Rivers Longbow (+4 Str Bonus) 500 mk

Please provide at least a paragraph describing your character.

Mental Profile:
Please provide at least a paragraph describing your characters personality, likes and dislikes, personal goals, etc...

Please provide at least a page detailing your life's story. Do you have living family? How was your childhood, etc. The more information I have about your character, the more I can fine tune events of the game to intertwine with your character's past.

Also please include information on one or two of your character's personal items. A family heirloom, something with significant emotional value, etc. I don't need this for every item you own, just one or two key pieces.

Also the better the background you write for your character (Including description, mental profile, etc.) The happier I'll be. When I'm happy, good things happen. Like additional bonus feats or bonus experience points, or maybe a nice little toy for your character. Stuff like that. However bad backgrounds, whether their too short, poorly thought out, etc, tend to draw my wrath. You do not want to draw the GM's wrath.

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by P. Baumgart heavily based off material by Tay-dor.