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The four gangers thought they'd spotted an easy target. The man wore a fedora and a long coat open in the front. He carried a briefcase, and wore a blazer that just cried "Corp". The only thing even remotely out of place were the silvered mirrorshades he wore. The gangers could tell the guy wasn't wired. He moved to slowly and smoothly. The gangers started moving up the subway car after the man, as one of their number clicked open a knife.

The click of the knife opening, alerted Wolverine to the four gangers following him. he paused a minute, pretending to tie his shoe. As he did, he pulled a fine-blade long stiletto from his boot. A glance told him the Dikote glaze was still coating the knife. He hid the knife behind his left arm, as he did he mentally told the circuitry, that turned his wired reflexes on and off to activate. He then closed his eyes and willed his adrenalin pump to activate. The rush of adrenalin through his system brought a sigh of relief, he would not have to inject ACTH to start the pump this time. As the lead ganger addressed him, he fought the desire to swiftly turn around, let them think he was unwired.
"Yo Mista can we borrow some cash!" the lead punk exclaimed.
Wolverine turned slowly and smoothly to confront the gang. "Sure, why not, about how much do you want, five, ten nuyen. " Wolverine said, enjoying watching the anger rise in the ganger."
"How 'bout everything you got!" the ganger shouted, bringing up the knife.
Wolverine grabbed the punks arm ,and pulled him off balance as he felt bone shatter under his grip. Before the first punk hit the floor, Wolverine swivel kicked the ganger directly behind where the leader had stood, knocking the second ganger cold. Wolverine spotted the ganger to his left pulling something from inside of his coat. Wolverine lashed with the Stiletto. Both the gangers gun, and his hand clattered onto the floor. As the ganger screamed in agony, curdling the bloody stump where his hand used to be, Wolverine swiveled to find the fourth ganger who leaped at him. Wolverine lashed out with the Stiletto, embedding it in the gangers heart. Wolverine pulled the stiletto out of the lifeless body and turned to see the two conscious gangers crawling away as fast as they could. Wolverine took a rag from his pocket and wiped the blood off of the stiletto. He then replaced it in his boot, and continued on his way.


By P.Baumgart