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Okay, A while back before Kindred of the Far East, was a signal planted deep down in someone's brain, and before I bought the book: The World of Darkness, I created three clans meant to have come from the far east. Now their clan names are fairly corny, and their backgrounds for various reasons really don't work anymore, but as a whole I think somebody could salvage them.


Okay, the original idea behind the Shigonasawki, was basically that they were the clan that created the Obfuscate discipline. Of course anyone even remotely familiar with the World of Darkness knows that to be a utter load of crap. It was the Nosferatu who created Obfuscate. The Shigonasawki in my original idea were rumored to be more manipulative than even the Tremere, but to care little for politics.

Appearance:Shigonasawki are usually small of size and have brown or black hair. As a matter of fact their hair gets darker through the ages, just as an Assamites skin does. Though they may be of any race, the vast majority are Oriental.

Haven:Anywhere and everywhere. Shigonasawki have more hiding places than... Okay, so I don't know what they've got more hiding places than, but they have.

Background:Shigonasawki are small, swift, and silent. Physical attributes are primary as are Talents. They always have a high Dexterity, Stealth and at least one point of Obfuscate.

Weakness:A possible side effect of Obfuscate(That we know is bull because the Nosferatu came up with it.) people just tend to forget about Shigonasawki, unless their actively looking for them. While not always bad(Sneaking into the Princes chambers) it can be painful when Otto forgets where you are and sits in the chair you're already in, or even fatal if Norbert test fires his flamethrower forgetting you're in front of him.

Disciplines:Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate (Under further observation I suggest that either Auspex or Celerity be replaced by Obtenebration)



By P. Baumgart