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Serrin Derisek is a character I play in the Prodigies Enigma Secondus game, hosted by TCR Games.

Draksten is a small town on the frontier. Over the years, near constant Orc attacks have caused Draksten to become more of a fortress than a town. As time has gone on other villages on the frontier have not fared as well against the Orc's as the citizens of Draksten, and have been forced to flee to Draksten. Because of this, members of all the major races can be found there, all with a will to fight and survive are welcome.

One of these refugees, Lavayn Kavilion, an Elf, fled from her village when an Orc warparty destroyed it, once at Draksten Lavayn met a human farmer and minor functionary named Turin Derisek. The two fell in love, and five years after they first met they were married.

Five years after Lavayn and Turin married, Lavayn gave birth to a baby boy. The couple named him Serrin.

Serrin spent the first ninteen years of his life in Draksten. Though Serrin took his studies, and the martial training all children of Draksten were given, seriously, it was his mother's lessons about nature that Serrin took most to heart. Serrin was kind, gentle and wise.

Then came the day the Black Rot clan attacked. The Black Rot orcs had been gaining power in the area for some time. They had built a massive army, unifying almost all of the clans in the area and crushing those clans that dared to oppose them. When they were ready to wage war on the human empires, the Blood Fang orcs one of the last orc clans that had not yet joined the Black Rot army, made a proposal. If the Black Rot army were to crush the village of Draksten, which had been a thorn in the side of the Blood Fang orcs for far too long, then the Blood Fang orcs would join the Black Rot army. The Black Rots easily agreed, seizing upon the destruction as a prelude to their campaign of terror.

Draksten's scouts spotted the Black Rot army coming from a great distance away. Draksten prepared. Elven archers and wizards manned towers, trees, and rooftops, Gnome engineers prepared specially designed catapults and other specially designed defenses, Halfling rogues found concealed hiding place to spring and attack from at the right opportunity, while Dwarf and Half-Orc warriors manned the gates and the walls. Humans accompanied them at every position.

Serrin, now nineteen, wanted to join his father and his human friends at the wall, but instead was held back with the villages children. (Including the other half-elves Serrin's own age.) They were accompanied by a small group of guards, led by Serrin's mother.

Then the orc's struck. Draksten's defenders fought valiantly, making the Black Rot orc's pay dearly for every inch of ground that they took, but eventually the orc's broke through Drakstens defenses and into the city.

Lavayn and her unit tried to get the children to safety, but ran straight into a detachment of orcs. While the unit fought to buy time, Lavayn managed to find a particularly sturdy stone house, and locked the children inside of it. She then returned to the guards Lavayn's return, rapier in hand, bolstered the guards morale, and for a few moments the guards managed to stop, and even started pushing back the orcs.

But it did not last, one by one the guards fell. As the battle raged, Serrin slipped out of the stone house, having the others lock the door behind him. He went in search of the guards. Serrin stumbled upon the slain corpse of a guard. He stopped a moment, taking the guards bastard sword. While he was hunched over the guard taking the sword Serrin heard something. He looked up... and what he saw changed his life forever. Lavayn, his mother, was the last surviving member of the guards. She was surrounded by the corpses of villagers and Black Rot orcs alike, and her rapier slew another orc every time it lashed out. Still, she was covered with cuts, visibly exhausted, and badly outnumbered. The end was a foregone conclusion.

Serrin watched in horror as his mother was cut down. Deep inside a white hot rage, and no small amount of hate, erupted. The orcs paused over Lavayn's body howling in victory., only to realize they were being out screamed. Even though he was not believed to be mature enough to be on the front lines, like almost all citizens of Draksten Serrin had been trained since before he could walk to be able to defend against orcs. The orcs had only paused for a moment. It was enough.

With a roar of anger and hate Serrin attacked, cutting the unsuspecting orcs to ribbons. Only a few managed to even realize what was happening before Serrin slew them. With the orcs dead Serrin rushed to his mothers side. Lavayn managed to speak a handful of words to her son, before she died in his arms. Serrin wept, but the sounds of the battle all around him cut Serrin's mourning short. And then the rage returned.

The village of Draksten has a legend, of a young boy turned hero in the battle against the Black Rot orcs. There were better fighters and more experienced fighters, but none could match the sheer viciousness and ruthlessness of a young boy with a look of madness in his eyes. A boy named Serrin.

In the end, the people of Draksten managed to repel the Black Rot army. The cost was high. Many were dead, many were dying, Most of the village was badly damaged or destroyed.
But Draksten had also broken the back of the Black Rot Army.

Serrin stayed in Draksten for a time after the battle to help rebuild,but it soon became apparent that Serrin no longer belonged in the village. The townspeople remembered the psychotic look in his eyes during the battle, and the sheer viciousness he was capable of. Though he was a hero, Serrin was also feared. Serrin even found himself distanced from his father. Turin Derrisek could not even bear to look at his son.

Serrin believed that his father blamed him for his mother's death. (Certainly Serrin blamed himself for it.) The truth though was that Serrin reminded Turin enough of Lavayn that to even look at his son was excruciatingly painful for him.

Soon the change that Serrin had undergone became obvious as he became calloused and distant. The boy that had once been kind, caring, and wise now became a cold, calculating killer
who didn't give a damn about anyone or anything other than himself.

Approximately two weeks after the attack, a group of adventurers came to Draksten. Though they were far too late for the battle, the adventurers did what they could to help with the rebuilding process. One of the adventurers, a human ranger named Garath, noticed the brooding Serrin and inquired about him. Upon hearing Serrin's story from the residents of Draksten, Garath decided to apprentice Serrin, to show him the ways of the ranger and to show him how to care again. Two weeks after the adventurer's first arrived, Garath and his new apprentice, Serrin, left for the start of a new life.

Three years later, Gareth returned to Draksten and reported to Serrin's father that he had failed. He told him Serrin had a deep love for nature, but other than that Serrin really didn't give a
damn about anyone or anything other than himself.

Serrin is very tall, for a half-elf, standing at six feet even. He has light brown hair, green eyes and generally has a thin mustache and beard which he grows thicker in certain spots in an attempt to disguise his Elven features. He wears a battered Green cloak just about everywhere he goes,
usually with the hood pulled over his head.

Character Name: Serrin Derisek
Character Race: Half-Elf
Character Class: Ranger
Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Shaundakul
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Handed: Right (Ranger Ambidexterity)
Home Region: The Dalelands

-- Experience --------------------------------------------------------
-------- Level ---------- Amount ----------------- Amount
Level:--[ 2 ] XPs:--[ 1350 ] Next Level:--[ 3000]

--Stats ------------------------------------------------------------- --------
----- Score - Mod ------------------------- Score ------------
Strength:-----[16]---[+3 ] Hit Points:-----------[ 17 ]
Dexterity:----[18]---[+4] Hit Dice:-------------[1D10]
Constitution:-[12]---[+1] Damage Reduction:-----[ ]
Intelligence:-[12]---[+1] Max Dex Bonus:--------[ +4]
Wisdom:-------[14]---[+2] Arcane Spell Failure:-[ ]
Charisma:-----[10]---[+0] Spell Resistance:-----[ ]

-- Armor Class ------------------------------------------------------- ------------
Total - Base - Armor - Shield -- DEX - Size - Misc
Armor Class:-[18]--[+10]--[+4]---[ ]--[+4]-[ ]-[ ]

-- Saving Throws ----------------------------------------------------- ---------------
- Total - Base - Ability - Magic - Misc
Fortitude (CON):-[+4]--[+3]--[+1]---[ ]--[ ]
Reflex (DEX):----[+4]--[+0]--[+4]---[ ]--[ ]
Will (WIS):------[+2]--[+0]--[+2]---[ ]--[ ]

-- Combat Bonuses ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------
-- Total - Base - Ability - Size -- Misc
Initiative (DEX):-[+4]--[ ]--[+4]---[ ]--[ ]
Melee (STR):------[+5]--[+2]--[+3]---[ ]--[ ]
Ranged (DEX):-----[+6]--[+2]--[+4]---[ ]--[ ]

--Load -------------------------------------------------------------- --------
- Amount - Max DEX -- CHK PEN ---- RUN
Light:---[76 lbs]-[ Normal ]-[ Normal ]-[ Normal ]
Medium:--[77-153 lbs]-[ +3 ]-[ -3 ]-[ x4 ]
Heavy:---[154-230 lbs]-[ +1 ]-[ -6 ]-[ x3 ]
Current:-[51.5 lbs]-[ +4 ]-[ -2 ]-[ ]
Common:--[76 lbs]-[ +4 ]-[ -2 ]-[ ]

--Movement -------------------------------------------------------------------
- Amount ---------------------- Amount
Walk:-----[30 ft.] Hourly Walk:---[3 miles]
Hustle:---[60 ft.] Hourly Hustle:-[6 miles]
Run (x3):-[90 ft.] Day Walk:------[24 miles]
Run (x4):-[120 ft. Special:-------[ ]

--Physical -------------------------------------------------------------------
-------- Amount
Lift Over Head:--[230 lbs]
Lift Off Ground:-[460 lbs]
Push Or Drag:----[1,150 lbs]
-- Languages --------------------------------------------------------------
Language --------- Notes
Common, Elven, Chandathan, Orc

-- Racial Abilities ------------------------------------------------------
Type ------------- Notes
Medium Size
Base Speed:30 feet
Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects, and a +2 racial saving throw bonus against Enchantment spells or effects
Low-light Vision
+1 racial bonus on all Listen, Search and Spot checks
Favored Class: Any

-- Class Abilities -------------------------------------------------------
Type ------------- Notes
Favored Enemy:Orc's
+1 bonus to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Wilderness Lore
checks when using these skills against Orcs +1 to weapon damage rolls against Orcs. Damage bonus with ranged weapons only applies if target is within 30 feet.

-- Feats -----------------------------------------------------------------
Type ------------- Notes
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Ranger Two Weapon Fighting
Ranger Ambidexterity
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword

--Skills ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Alchemy:---------------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Animal Empathy:--------[ ]-[ ]-[CHA]---[+1]-[ 0 ]--[+1]-[ ]
Appraise:--------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Balance: -------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Bluff:-----------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Climb:-----------------[X]-[ ]-[STR*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Concentration:---------[X]-[ ]-[CON]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Craft:[Trapmaking]-----[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[+2]-[+1]--[+1]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Craft:[Woodcarving]----[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[+3]-[+1]--[+2]-[ ]
Decipher Script:-------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Diplomacy:-------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Disable Device:--------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Disguise:--------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Escape Artist:---------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Forgery:---------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Gather Information:----[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Handle Animal:---------[ ]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Heal:------------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+5]-[+2]--[+1]-[+2]
Hide:------------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[+9]-[+4]--[+5]-[ ]
Innuendo:--------------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Intimidate:------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Intuit Direction:------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+3]-[+2]--[+1]-[ ]
Jump:------------------[X]-[ ]-[STR*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Knowledge:[Nature]---[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[+2]-[+1]--[+1]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Listen:----------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+4]-[+2]--[+1]-[+1]
Move Silent:-----------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[+9]-[+4]--[+5]-[ ]
Open Lock:-------------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Perform:---------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Pick Pocket:-----------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Profession:------------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Read Lips:-------------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Ride:------------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX]---[+5]-[+4]--[+1]-[ ]
Scry:------------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Search:----------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[+2]-[+1]--[+0]-[+1]
Sense Motive:----------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Spellcraft:------------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Spot:------------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+6]-[+2]--[+3]-[+1]
Swim:------------------[X]-[ ]-[STR+]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Tumble:----------------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Use Magic Device:------[ ]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Use Rope:--------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Wilderness Lore:-------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+9]-[+2]--[+5]-[+2]
--'UT Can be used Untrained'
--'+ -1 Per 5 pounds of gear'
--'CC Cross-Class'

-- Weapons -------------------------------------------------------------- --
Item -------- ATT Bonus -- Damage -- CRIT -- Range -- Type -- Size --
Bastard Sword, +5, 1d10+3, 19-20/x2, Slashing, Medium
Cutlass, +5, 1d6+1, 19-20/x2, Slashing and Piercing, Small, +2 circumstance bonus on any checks to resist being disarmed
Stilettos(2), +5/+6, 1d4+3, 19-20/x2, 10 ft., Piercing, Tiny
Mighty Composite Longbow(+2)(Regional Equipment), +6, 1d8+2, x3, 110ft., Piercing, Large
Blade Boots(2), +1, 1d4+3, 19-20/x2, Piercing, Tiny


----- Magic Items ------ Notes

-- Money/Gems & Jewelry --------------------------------------------------------
-- PP [ ]
-- GP [35]
-- EP [ ]
-- SP [0]
-- CP [9]
-- Gems [ ]
-- Jewelry [ ]

--Equipment/Gear -------------------------------------------------------- ----
-- Item ----- Location -- LBS ----- Notes
Chain Shirt, Armor Bonus +4, Max Dex +4, Armor Check Penalty -2, 25 lbs
Explorer's Outfit
Bastard Sword 10 lbs
Cutlass 3 lbs
2 Stilettos 2 lbs
Mighty Composite Longbow 3 lbs
Quiver w/33 Arrows 6 lbs
Pouch, Belt 1/2 lbs
Pair of Blade Boots 2 lbs
51.5 lbs

Backpack 2 lbs
Bedroll 5 lbs
Blanket, winter 3 lbs
Flint and Steel --
Sack 1/2 lbs
Soap(1lb) 1 lbs
Whetstone 1 lbs
2 Waterskins 8 lbs
4 Days of Trail Rations 4 lbs

24.5 lbs


By P. Baumgart Graphic by someone else entirely and used without permision.