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The B36C Sentinel Combat Series Anthroform

When you have something really important to guard, why trust a fat lazy security guard who could fall asleep on the job? Meet the B36C Sentinel Anthroform. All the versatility ofthe human form with none of the drawback's. The Sentinel never eats never sleeps, and never take's coffee breaks. A room fighter, the Sentinel packs an integral Franchi-Spas combat shotgun, and even those who manage to out run the Sentinel will be unable to get past the range of it's integral Barret Sniper Rifle. The B36C Sentinel, just what you need for your security needs. The B37D is this anthroforms robot counterpart.

The B36C Sentinel
Fuel:Diesel/25 Liters
Economy:.75 KM/Liter
Cost:5,000,000 Nuyen

Comes with:Remote Control Interface, Rigger Adaptation, Mechanical Arms(2), Signature Improvement 2, Smart Materials, Drive-by-Wire 2, Structural Agility 2, 2 External Fixed Firmpoints, Barret Sniper Rifle w/ Gunnery Recoil Adjuster 1, Franchi-Spas-22 Combat Shotgun w/ Gunnery Recoil Adjuster 4, Battletac IVIS, Battletac FDDM

>5 million nuyen for a drone! Who do they think they're selling to? The Government!

>And the Corps. Omae, they're not in the personal protection racket.

>5 million Nuyen...and the piece of crap can't even take a missile.
>Knuckle Duster

>It's not meant to take a missile. The Sentinel is a room fighter, with the Barret added on as an afterthought so that it wouldn't be totally defenseless out in the open.

>ROOMFIGHTER!? This thing is a Diesel! Do you know how much smoke a Diesel puts out!? If this is a roomfighter, everything in the building would suffocate!

>The Sentinel comes with a nifty little invention that filters it's exhaust until it only spews out clean air. Admittedly these filters have to be changed every couple hours, or your 5 Million nuyen piece of hardware suddenly becomes a Five million nuyen paperweight.

>Some places forgoe the filters altogether. Some have powerful ventilation systems to deal with the smoke, and other places use the smoke as added security.

>Added Securtiy?

>Any place personnel are essential is airtight with an oxygen reserve, people only go through places the Sentinel patrols wearing oxygen masks.

>It's amazing, no one has picked up on how physically powerful this thing is. It carries more weight than any other anthroform could. Only the scientists who worked on the project know how this is possible.

The B37D Sentinel

As above except for the following changes.
Robot Learning Pool:3
Cost:5,500,000 Nuyen

>The ability to learn, and only a half million more...


By P. Baumgart