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77 Creation Questions


I know, we've all seen them out there, the list of character creation questions in the Shadowrun rulebook evidently was not detailed enough, so people all over the internet post creation questions. Well here's the one's I use.

1.What is the P.C.'s real name?
2.Is there any special reason the P.C.'s parents named them this?
3.Does the character have a street name?
4.If so, what is it?
5.Which Archetype most closely resmbles the P.C.(based on background story and attitude, not attributes, skills or race.)?
6.Is the character male or female?
7.What is the characters age?
8.What is the characters Height?
9.What is the characters Weight?
10.What is the characters Hair color/style?
11.What is the characters Eye color/style?
12.Does the character have any distinguishing features?
13.Does the character have any Affiliations(Current or Past) that could affect the game?
14.Does the character have any emotional hangups?
15.Does the character have any handicaps?
16.Where was the P.C. born?
17.What is the origin of the character?
18.Is there anything about the characters origin, that the character doesn't know?
19.Does the character have any formal education, and/or vocational training?
20.Does anything about a characters informal training stand out?
21.Has the character ever had a legitimate job.
22.If so, what did they think about it, why did they leave it, etc., etc...?
23.Does the P.C. have any friends?
24.If so, who is(was) there best friend?
25.Does the P.C. have any enemies?
26.If so, who are they, and why are they the P.C.'s enemies?
27.Does the P.C. have any patrons(people who support them, generally with money.)?
28.If so, who are they, and why are they supporting the P.C.?
29.Does the character know who their parents are?
30.If so, are they alive or dead?
31.If they're alive what is their:

  1. Occupation?
  2. Status?(i.e. Married, divorced, widowed, etc.
  3. Location?
  4. Relationship to the P.C.?
  5. Do they even know the PC is a runner?
  6. Reaction to shadowrunning?

32.Does the character have any other living relatives?
33.If so what is their:



3.Relationship to the P.C.?


5.Reaction to shadowrunning?

34.What are the P.C.'s strongest traits?
35.What are the P.C.'s weakest traits?
36.How does the P.C. see themselves?
37.How is the P.C. seen by Others?
38.What is the P.C.'s basic nature?
39.Does the P.C. have a sense of humor?
40.If so, what kind(s)?
41.What are the P.C.'s goals?
42.What is the P.C.'s philosophy in life?
43.Does the P.C. have a sense of honor?
44.If so briefly describe how it works.
45.Does the character have any hobbies?
46.What kind of art does the character like?
47.What kind of music does the character like?
48.What does the character like to do for fun?
49.Describe the kind clothes that the character typically wears.
50.Does the character have any favorite pastimes?
51.What is the P.C.'s home enviroment like?
52.What is the most important fact that should be known about this character?
53.How would you sum up this character in one sentence?
54.Does the character have any unique talents or equipment?
55.If so, what?
56.How is this character different from other characters?
57.What do you like about this character?
58.What do you hate about this character?
59.Why are you playing this character?
60.Why will others like this character?
61.Why will others hate this character?
62.Why will this character be memorable?
63.What is the characters physical size?
64.What is the color of the characters skin?
65.What is the characters ethnic background(If known)?
66.What is the characters general appearance?
67.Has the character begun their own family?
68.If so what is the current status of that family?
69.What are the characters political and religious beliefs?
70.Why does the character run the shadows?
71.What is the characters personality?
72.What special qualities does the character possess?
73.Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
74.What does the character hate?
75.What does the character love?
76.What is the characters Moral code?
77.If the character does not use a street name, what does he use?


By P.Baumgart