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This is some of the Lingo that has developed in our game over a number of years. I cut out the Lingo for Marijuana though, chances are you've already heard them elsewhere.

An Undetonated Bomb = A Magic user who walks around with a lot of active focuses, especially Spell Locks.

Cold Cuts = Victims of a Gillette

Fan Belt Inspectors = Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)

Blood Hunter = Bounty Hunter; particularly those that hunt Blood Magic Users.

Harvard Boy(singular), Ivy League(Plural) = Agent(s) of the FBI, ATF, IRS, or Secret Service.

Stugis (Stuffing Gold in Shit) = Putting High-grade cyberdeck parts in the shell of what would normally be considered a piece of crap cyberdeck. i.e. putting Excalibur parts in a Radio Shack shell. Coined when one of my runners stuffed a high-grade deck into an old Vic 20 Shell

Cop Call = Someone who thinks they need full body armor and gyro-mounted weapon to go to the Stuffer Shack.

Aaaoooooowwwwwwww! = What people say around you for about two weeks after you shoot someone in the groin.

Draining = Getting rid of a body by melting it with acid and washing it down the drain. Ex:"Did you Drain Ed yet?"


by P.Baumgart