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I use three clubs on a more than regular basis in my campaign, one is the Inferno. The other two are described below. Note that I use the Club Straight Gain for beginning characters, and never totally get away from it. It's just too damn easy to get killed in the Sea-Wolf. A side note, The security system's in these two clubs will pick up and register every weapon you're carrying(and in some cases some you've forgotten about.) How they handle these weapons depends on the club.

The Club Straight Gain

Medium Bar/Roco Belaie, Owner/Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Manager/Subtle Bias against wannabes
The Club Straight Gain, where the drinks are watered, the food is soy, and the lighting is poor. Hey, one out of three ain't bad. While the jukebox pours out tune after tune(some of them good) over old, staticy speakers, people in the booths work their shadowy deals. Every once in a while a corp or a wannabe wander in and run out after a stray bullet came just a little too close for them to sustain bladder control. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, then again maybe not. The bouncers let anyone in to the club Straight Gain as long as they have made an attempt, no matter how futile to cover their weaponry. aka:Come in with something draped over your Assault cannon and they ask no questions, keep your pistol in plain view and you'll be required to check it at the door. Roco's fairly lax on his rules, pay for any damage you do to the bar, or Roco's associates take it out of your hide...literally. Slip Roco some money, and do all the Astral Recon you want, forget and you'll get lead poisoning when the watchers tell on you. Fatten Roco's credstick and you can let your drone...well you get the idea. Just don't try to observe via Matrix, you in Roco's security grid makes Roco nervous, and what makes Roco nervous makes your knees hurt. The Club Straight Gain caters to all sorts, it's as safe a place for biz as you can get, and is usually quiet as well. No one really wants to start trouble in the Straight Gain despite the previous image I've painted. The fact is that if you have a fight, you'd better be defending yourself. Straight Gain is neutral ground. About the only acceptable violence is scaring wannabes, and shaking down a Johnson that screwed your team over. And you'd better talk to Roco before shaking down the Johnson.

Roco Belaie
Archetype:Ork Ex-Muscle

Born Richard Thomas Belaie, Roco's early life was remarkably easy. Born to a rich family Roco got anything he wanted. Then at puberty Roco goblinized into an ork. His family promptly threw him out. The combination of being spoiled, and then being spurned made Roco mean as all hell. He became a thief, a legbreaker, and finally a shadowrunner. Though Roco never did attain any great status as a shadowrunner, he did manage to amass a small fortune, which he started the Club Straight Gain with. And since Roco doesn't know the slightest thing about business or finance, he also had the incredible luck to hire Elizabeth Fitzgerald as the club manager. Roco is about 6'5". He has lost most of the hair on the top of his head, which he tries to cover with a badly fitting toupee.(Don't point that out to him, unless you don't like being able to walk.) He is constntly smoking cigars. Roco has amassed enough money that he is beginning to enjoy the good life again.




Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Archetype:Human Club Manager

Roco may think he runs things, but the Club Straight Gain would have gone down the tubes years ago if it hadn't been for Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Elizabeth hires the employees, order's the drinks, pays the gangs, etc. etc. She just lets Roco take the bribes and keep the profits so that he can think he's in charge. Elizabeth is about 5'8" with brown hair. Elizabeth runs finances so well that even Roco doesn't know what he pays her, however the fact that she just put a downpayment on a Toyota Elite suggests it ain't minimum wage.


The Sea-Wolf

Large Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub/Daniel Jackers, Owner/Strong Bias against Snoops

The Sea-Wolf is located near the Dock's and is a rather unpopular place. This is not because of a lack of quality. The Alcohol is real, the music is live, and the hamburgers are made of real meat. The fact is that the Sea-Wolf is so damn good, that the shadow community decided to keep quiet about it. The Band is always live and can be switched for one that you bring for a few hundred nuyen. If the band happens to be your back-up, oh well. The standard band generally plays classic rock, about 60 or 70 years old. (That means the 80's and 90's for those of you with no talent in math.) A room in the back serves for shady dealings, nearly nothing is prohibited in the back room, though if a fight from the back room erupts into the main room, the instituters of the fight will soon regret it. If Jackers, the owner, believes you are "snooping" in his bar, you're dead. He'll make sure of that.
Note:It's bound to happen, someday, some wanderer is going to find the Sea-Wolf and tell all his friends about how good the place is. If Jackers is really unlucky it'll be a restaurant critic who writes an article on how great the food is. Either way the Sea-Wolf will become a popular place with everybody and anybody coming in. As a matter of fact you could probably have a series of Shadowrun's aimed at keeping the Sea-Wolf runner-only.

Daniel Jackers
Archetype:Human Ex-Street Samurai

Description:A middle aged man whose brown hair is slowly turning grey, Daniel Jackers is nearly seven feet tall, and walks with a distinct limp,which surgery has not been able to cure. He uses a silver handled cane to help him get around. Jackers can, however, move surprisingly fast when he wants to, and more than one person has lost their life assuming he needed his cane to get around. The fact is even though he is a severely crippled individual, he is still better than 90% of the samurai's out there.

Information:The Jackers brothers were born under a different, unknown name. Their plight started when they were only children. An incident happened, and the Jackers father proved to be a convenient scapegoat, and the media gladly accommodated. Their Dad went to prison and their mother had a complete mental breakdown. The brothers took to the streets, and eventually the shadows. Daniel, the oldest, led and became a Street Sam. Timothy, the middle child, and the quietest of the brothers, proved to be a first-class Decker. And Joel, the youngest, strove to be like Daniel. After some time of running the shadows, Joel, who was visiting his mother, was killed in revenge for an earlier run. Their mother died of a stroke after seeing her youngest son executed. Daniel and Tim launched a full scale investigation to find out what happened to their brother. Daniel found out that a private detective had tapped his brother's phone, found out where he would be, and then gave the location to Joel's executors. After Daniel found this out, he went on a killing spree, starting with the private detective and the executors, and then spreading to everyone even remotely connected to his brother's death. In all, over 60 people died for Daniel's vengeance. After a few more years of shadowrunning, and a particularly devastating injury, Daniel and his remaining teammates retired. Daniel and Tim changed their last name to Jackers and then Daniel, who believes Jack London was god, started the Sea-Wolf(named after a Jack London story). After a while Daniel and Tim's former teammates became part of the staff of the Sea-Wolf. Daniel hates "snoops" with a passion, they have cost him too much. Daniel also knows the importance of information. When gathering information in the Sea-Wolf do it in a straightforward manner(no eavesdropping) and make sure what you're doing does not become rumor or a media story. Daniel has been known to kill people for not following this procedure.

Timothy Jackers
Archetype:Human Semi-retired Decker

Description:Tim is a scrawny timid man in a electric wheelchair. The fact that he is likeable and intelligent is a moot point considering Tim won't talk to anyone. Of course if you make a point of trying to make things difficult for him, one day you might just end up with you're head in you're lap.

Information:Tim can generally be seen in the back of the bar, hooked up to his Fairlight Excalibur. Tim rarely moves without his wheelchair, and many people think that he is actually a paraplegic. Tim never talks, except to Daniel and Cassal. He keeps his legs and his right arm covered at all times. That's because three of his limbs are cyber. Tim personally hates his cyberlimbs. His right arm is a particularly unusual design, incorporating a cyberdeck, a gyromount and changeable hands. When Tim decks, his personality swivels 180 degrees. His persona, JesterJack, is a loudmouth, arrogant, wise ass but nevertheless is very good at what he does. Tim has one more personality, a psychotic by the name of DeathJester. If you are unfortunate enough to see Tim walking, odds are that his DeathJester personality has taken control. When the DeathJester takes control Tim gets out of his wheelchair and rises to his full 6'8" height, and his speed and strength nearly quadruples. An attack by DeathJester makes the most insane berserk Steppenwulf attack seem sane. Luckily the DeathJester rarely manifests, due to the fact that Tim's normal and JesterJack personality's have teamed up to keep the DeathJester suppressed. Nevertheless DeathJester seems to break loose and go on a rampage about once a year. Tim generally spends most of his time jacked into the Sea-Wolf's security system, he generally stays in the system until he passes out from lack of sleep. When Tim isn't jacked into the security system either Cassal or Daniel are.

Archetype:Troll Retired Street Samurai

Stewart is a good ol' fashioned Troll, muscles like rock, and head to match. Stewart is loaded down with high grade cyberware, and has fallen in love with it. He looks down upon those without cyberware. Stewart admires Tim(especially his DeathJester personality.), saying "He's da nastiest, and da most cybered Deckerd dat I knows." Stewart's a little disgusted with Daniel at this point, the giant Troll just cannot see why someone would rather limp than get their leg replaced. Needless to say Stewart expresses open disgust when dealing with Allister. Despite his unbelievably low I.Q., Stewart is very good at his job. His job as a bouncer is generally just making sure no obvious weapons get into the Sea-Wolf, "No Panthers!" and dealing with the occasional drunk(Rare because of the nature of the clientele). When the occasional fire fight breaks out the instigators will soon find out just how deadly Stewart can be.

Archetype:Human Mage

Alister is the youngest of the retired runners working at the Sea-Wolf. While Alister is technically the Sea-Wolf's Chief of Magical Security, he is also the Sea-Wolf's only magically active employee. Allister is only about five foot eight, is beginning to lose his hair, and wears thin lensed glasses. Even though Alister doesn't look like much, in fact he is a very powerful initiate. Alister was Joel's best friend, and took his death hard, however, unlike Daniel who used his grief to murder and kill, Alister used his grief to enhance his power. Alister maintains an astral ward on the back room, however is astral security is what you need go to the Inferno. Their mages may not be as powerful as Alister, but their greater numbers make the Inferno's ward much tougher than the Sea-Wolf's.

Archetype:Elf Retired Rigger

Cassal has known the Jackers since grade school. Cassal is Daniel's best friend, and the only person alive who knows Daniel Jackers better than Cassal is Tim Jackers, and sometimes that's debatable. Daniel and Cassal were the founding members of their shadowrun team, Daniel hot wiring his own body to become a street sam, and Cassal hot wiring his mind and more than a few vehicles to become a rigger. Cassal posses an entire facility filled with vehicles, all rigged, and most used when he was still a runner. Cassal has been bugging Daniel for the past few months to wire a security rig into the Sea-Wolf. Daniel has been unreceptive to the idea so far, so Cassal still ends up jacked into the Sea-Wolf using a second datajack. Cassal will go to the wall for Daniel and Tim, and he still posses a panzer that it would take one hell of a wall to stop.


By P.Baumgart