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Hale is the character that I'm playing in Tay-Dor's WOT game on TCR games. Archives can be found on Tay's website. (Which is linked on the links page.)

Hale Kodal was born less than a hundred miles from the Saldean border with the Blight, to a Saldean father, and a Shienaran mother. The eldest of three children, Hale grew up in this area, a few miles away from the town of Benari's Pass. As Hale grew, he learned how to survive off the land, and to use the forests to their best advantage against the twisted shadowspawn from the Blight. He learned how to survive the severe cold of the Saldean winter, and how to cope with the extreme heat that comes from living in the shadow of the mountains of Dhoom.

When he was ten, Hale saw something that would forever effect the rest of his life. Saldean scouts had brought back reports of a massive Trolloc raiding party headed toward Benari's Pass. Hale and his family evacuated to the walled town for the coming attack. As the Saldean defenders of Benari's Pass assembled, they were joined by an outsider that just happened to be passing through. A stranger that wore a heron-marked blade. Hale watched the battle from the town walls. The stranger, a Blade Master had been what the soldiers called him, was a one man instrument of whirling death. As he cut down Trolloc after Trolloc, Hale noticed not only the Blade Masters skill with a blade, but also the way he acted during the battle, taunting, cajoling and baiting several Trolloc's and the seeming joy with which he did it. Though Hale never did learn the stranger's name, he forever affected Hale's life, as Hale soon aspired to become a Blade Master.

Years passed, until at the age of 16, Hale joined the Saldean Army. He was soon assigned to a scout patrol, that patrolled the border with the Blight, watching for shadowspawn incursions. Though Hale was involved in a dozen battles, and twice as many small skirmishes during his time with the military, one battle in particular stands out. Hale's patrol came upon a large Trolloc encampment, and a handful of the scouts, Hale included, snuck into and around the encampment, trying to learn what the Trolloc's were up to. After sneaking back out of the camp, the scouts put together what they had learned and came to the conclusion that the Trolloc's were planning on the nearby town of Shar'val. The patrol raced off to warn the town of the imminent threat, unfortunately, in their haste to warn the people of Shar'val, Hale's patrol ran into a returning patrol of Trollocs. A large patrol of Trollocs. Arrows , and steel rang on steel as the Saldean's clashed with the Trollocs, but the outcome of the battle was a foregone conclusion. There were just too many Trollocs, and the Saldeans were being wuickly overwhelmed. Hayden Vaydern, the commander of the Saldean patrol, quickly realized this and ordered Hale to try to break through and ride as quickly to Shar'val as physically possible. While Hale mounted his horse horse, Vaydern organized as many troops as he could to cover Hale's escape. Hale rode for Shar'val, flights of arrows from the Saldean troops clearing a path for him. Just as Hale reached the edge of the Trolloc formation and was about to spur his horse into a full gallop, a Trolloc dropped out of the trees, his scythesword grasped with both hands, intent on cutting Hale in half. Hale blocked the blow with his own sword, and then managed to cut the Trolloc, once, twice, and finally with his third cut, Hale managed to cut the foul creatures head from it's shoulders. The creature, however, did manage to land a glancing, but serious blow to Hale's head before Hale managed to send it to the afterlife. Hale spurred his horse to a gallop, and flew toward Shar'val, the remaining Saldean soldiers took as many Trollocs to the grave as they could before being overwhelmed and slaughtered to a man.

Hale rode, and rode hard, fighting to hang on to consciousness. The blood from his wound ran down to saturate his entire left side with blood, even to the point where the saddle and stirrups of Hale's horse, Trailblazer, were slick with his blood. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Hale reached Shar'val. He galloped his horse into the middle of the town, his blood soaked body drawing crowds of people, stopped his horse, and yelled out that a Trolloc army was coming, their approximate size, and approximately how long it would take them to reach Shar'val. Hale then fell from his saddle to the ground where he promptly lost consciousness.

Hale woke up about three weeks later. He was in a soft bed, with bandages wrapped around his head, where he had been wounded. He soon found out that thanks to his warning, Shar'val had ben able to call back it's defenders and send for reinforcements that had arrived just in time to beat back the Trollocs. A look out of the window showed Hale just how fierce the fighting had been, as Trolloc corpses still littered the streets of Shar'val.

Hale recovered from his wound, and shortly thereafter, mustered out of the Saldean military. He still scouted the border and let the military know about shadowspawn incursions, but it was in a strictly freelance capacity. He took to camping in the woods rather than staying in a town, hunting for his own food, and either making clothes out of the animal hides, or trading the pelts in nearby sttlements to bolster his now irregular salary from the army.

Hale lived this way for a couple of years, before life threw another twist in his path. Scouting the woods one day, Hale came upon two sets of tracks. The first set was obviously that of a Trolloc. As he studied the tracks, it quickly became apparent that the Trolloc was apparently being chased by whoever had made the second set of tracks, a human, judging by the tracks.

Hale followed the tracks until the sounds of battle became readily apparent. Hale readied his bow, knocked an arrow and advanced on the battle. Once in sight it became apparent to Hale that the Trolloc had led it's pursuer into an ambush, for four Trolloc's were attacking a single Aiel. The Aiel, who must have tracked the shadowspawn all the way from the Waste's to Saldea, his shoufa pulled across his lower face, was doing remarkably well for a single man against four Trollocs. Still, the Aiel was rapidly losing ground, and couldn't last against the Trollocs much longer. Hale wasted no time, rapidly sending arrow after arrow into the ranks of the Trollocs. One Trolloc hit the ground lifeless, and another was already dead, before the Trollocs realized another enemy had found them. One Trolloc, extremely large even for a Trolloc, and judging from the fact that it was grungier and filthier than it's companions, was prbably the one the Aiel had been tracking, charged toward Hale, it's scythesword flashing. Hale dropped his bow and drew his own sword just in time to meet the Trolloc's attack. The Trolloc's attack was ferocious, and Hale quickly found himself on the defensive, trying to keep the Trolloc at bay. Hale fought on rapidly losing ground to the Trolloc. And then, Hale stumbled over a rock. Had it not been for his quick reflexes and and his experience in battle, the Trolloc's blow would have clove hale in two, and even though Hale managed to jump back just in time, the scythesword still bit deep and sent him spinning to the ground. As Hale lay on the ground, his consciousness fading, he saw the Trolloc step over him and raise it's sword for the final strike. Then Hale could have sworn he saw something that looked like a spear suddenly sprout from the Trolloc's neck. Darkness then claimed him as Hale passed out.

It was over a month before Hale woke up. Once again he found himself in a soft bed, bandages wrapped around his torso and leg where the scythesword had bit. He quickly learned from the owners of the house he was in, that he was in the small town of Caltache, and that a man dressed in a cadin'sor had carried him into town over a month prior. The stranger had stayed long enough to be sure that Hale would be alright, and then, without saying a word, had left a shield for Hale, and then left the town. Hale inspected the shield, an Aiel buckler, that the Aiel had left for him, finding that on its reverse side the words "I owe you my life. Carry this shield as a symbol of my debt." were carved along the edge.

Hale is very tall for a Saldean, standing at exactly six foot. He is also fairly broad shouldered, even though his physical strength is only slightly above average. He has black hair, and blue eyes. Ehile nearly all Borderlanders have more than their fair share of scars, and Hale is no exception, two scars tend to stand out on Hale. The first runs from his left temple down to his jawline. The second, normally only visible if Hale, for some reason, isn't wearing a shirt, runs from his right shoulder down to his left leg. These scars bear silent testimony to just how deadly a Trolloc scythesword can be.

Hale tends to live life for the moment. He has come close to death so many times (including twice where he was `headed for the light' so to speak.) That he tends to enjoy what he can when he can, because he is never certain that he will even be breathing the next day. Despite this, Hale also has a good heart, and is intent on doing the right thing.. Money may not motivate him much, but a grand adventure for a good cause most certainly will.

Hale has a tendency to follow his heart, rather than his head. This tendency to do what he believes is right, along with his live for the moment attitude means he could be just about anywhere. He could have headed into the Aiel Wastes looking for the Aiel who saved his life, he might very well have joined up with Matrim Cauthon and his Band of the Red Hand, he might of joined up with aband of travelers to escort them to just about any city in the realm (Particularly if there was a pretty girl among them.) He may even still be patrolling the Saldean border (This is basically free license for the GM to place Hale wherever he needs to be.) Hale feels a great deal of respect of Al'Lan Mandragoran, and should Lan ever raise the Golden Crane banner of Malkier, Hale would almost certainly be one of the first to answer his call.

Hale is the eldest of three children. His mother and father, Virana and Telvor Koldar still live a few miles away from the town of Benari's Pass, with his sister Syhana (age 14). They live a fairly peaceful life as farmers and hunters. Hale's younger brother Strom (age 18) serves in the Saldean army in a position similar to the One Hale once held.

Granite; Hale's original horse, a light horse named Trailblazer, died of exhaustion after the grueling ride to Shar'val to warn it's inhabitants of the imminent Trolloc attack. Hale found and purchased Granite from a stable owner in Shar'val shortly after recovering from his wound. After Hale was nearly killed by Trollocs a second time, the Aiel who carried Hale's unconscious body to Caltache, soon found Granite following him. Not quite sure what to do about the strange animal, the Aiel allowed Granite to follow him to Caltache , where a stablemaster took care of the horse until Hale woke up. Granite is a large grey gelding with a black mane. When both payment from the army and income from animal pelts have fallen through, Hale has been known to supplement his income by using Granite to help plow farmer's fields, pull out tree stumps, and for similar types of labor.

-- Basic Information -------------------------------------------------

Character Name: Hale Kodal
Character Race (Background): Borderlander (Saldean)
Character Class: Woodsman/Armsman
Weight: 19 Stone, 4 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Handed: Right

-- Experience --------------------------------------------------------
-------- Level ---------- Amount ----------------- Amount
Level:--[ 2 ] XPs:--[ ] Next Level:--[ ]

-- Stats -------------------------------------------------------------
------------- Score - Mod ------------------------- Score ------------
Strength:-----[12]---[+1] Hit Points:-----------[20]
Dexterity:----[18]---[+4] Hit Dice:-------------[2d10]
Constitution:-[15]---[+2] Damage Reduction:-----[ ]
Intelligence:-[14]---[+2] Max Dex Bonus:--------[+5]
Wisdom:-------[12]---[+1] Reputation:----------[ 1 ]

-- Armor Class -------------------------------------------------------
------------ Total - Base - Armor - Shield -- DEX - Size - Misc
Defense:-[18]--[+10]--[+3]---[+1]--[+4]-[ ]-[ ]

-- Saving Throws -----------------------------------------------------
---------------- Total - Base - Ability - Magic - Misc
Fortitude (CON):-[+5]--[+3]--[+2]---[ ]--[ ]
Reflex (DEX):----[+5]--[+1]--[+4]---[ ]--[ ]
Will (WIS):------[+1]--[+0]--[+1]---[ ]--[ ]

-- Combat Bonuses ----------------------------------------------------
----------------- Total - Base - Ability - Size -- Misc
Initiative (DEX):-[+6]--[ ]--[+4]---[ ]--[+2]
Melee (STR):------[+3]--[+2]--[+1]---[ ]--[ ]
Ranged (DEX):-----[+6]--[+2]--[+4]---[ ]--[ ]

-- Load --------------------------------------------------------------
-------- Ammount - Max DEX -- CHK PEN ---- RUN
Light:---[43]-[ Normal ]-[ Normal ]-[ Normal ]
Medium:--[44-86]-[ +3 ]-[ -3 ]-[ x4 ]
Heavy:---[87-130]-[ +1 ]-[ -6 ]-[ x3 ]

-- Movement ----------------------------------------------------------
---------- Ammount ---------------------- Ammount
Walk:-----[ ] Hourly Walk:---[ ]
Hustle:---[ ] Hourly Hustle:-[ ]
Run (x3):-[ ] Day Walk:------[ ]
Run (x4):-[ ] Special:-------[ ]

-- Physical ----------------------------------------------------------
----------------- Ammount
Lift Over Head:--[130]
Lift Off Ground:-[260]
Push Or Drag:----[390]

-- Languages ---------------------------------------------------------
----- Language --------- Notes

-- Racial Abilities/Background Feat and Skill --------------------- Type ------------- Notes

-- Class Abilities ------------------------------------------------------- Type ------------- Notes
Nature's Warrior: Forest
When fighting in the forest, he gets to add half his Dexterity bonus to attack rolls against humanoid opponents. He may also apply this bonus when fighting wild beasts, no matter where he fights them.

-- Feats ----------------------------------------------------------------- Type ------------- Notes
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Warder's Sword
Heavy Armor proficiency
Weapon Finesse: Warder's Sword

-- Channeling Feats ------------------------------------------------------ Type ------------- Notes

--Skills -----------------------------------------------------------------

Animal Empathy:--------[ ]-[ ]-[CHA]---[+2]-[+0]--[+2]-[ ]
Appraise:--------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Balance: -------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Bluff:-----------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Climb:-----------------[X]-[ ]-[STR*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Concentration:---------[X]-[ ]-[CON]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Craft:-----------------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Decipher Script:-------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Diplomacy:-------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Disable Device:--------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Disguise:--------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Escape Artist:---------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Forgery:---------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Gather Information:----[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Handle Animal:---------[ ]-[ ]-[CHA]---[+3]-[+0]--[+3]-[ ]
Heal:------------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+3]-[+1]--[+2]-[ ]
Hide:------------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[+8]-[+4]--[+4]-[ ]
Innuendo:--------------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Intimidate:------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[+3]-[+0]--[+3]-[ ]
Intuit Direction:------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+3]-[+1]--[+2]-[ ]
Jump:------------------[X]-[ ]-[STR*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Knowledge:[Nature]-----[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[+4]-[+2]--[+2]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Listen:----------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+5]-[+1]--[+4]-[ ]
Move Silent:----------[X]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[+9]-[+4]--[+5]-[ ]
[Background Skill]
Open Lock:-------------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Perform:---------------[X]-[ ]-[CHA]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Pick Pocket:-----------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX*]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Profession:------------[ ]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--[ Specify ]
Read Lips:-------------[ ]-[ ]-[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Ride:------------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX]---[+9]-[+4]--[+5]-[ ]
Search:----------------[X]-[ ]-[INT]---[+4]-[+2]--[+2]-[ ]
Sense Motive:----------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Spot:------------------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+7]-[+1]--[+4]-[+2]
Swim:------------------[X]-[ ]-[STR+]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Tumble:----------------[ ]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Use Rope:--------------[X]-[ ]-[DEX]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Wilderness Lore:-------[X]-[ ]-[WIS]---[+5]-[+1]--[+4]-[ ]
--'UT Can be used Untrained' "X" means yes, it can be used untrained.
--'+ -1 Per 5 pounds of gear'
--'CC Cross-Class'

-- Channeler Skills
Composure:----------[ ]---[ ]--[WIS]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Invert (lost):----------[ ]-[ ]--[INT]---[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
Weavesight: ---------[X]-[ ]-[INT]--[ ]-[ ]--[ ]-[ ]
--'UT Can be used Untrained'
--'CC Cross-Class'
-- Weapons ---------------------------------------------------------------- Item -------- ATT Bonus -- Damage -- CRIT -- Range --
Type -- Size --
Warder's Sword, +6, 1d10+1, 19-20/x2, Slashing, Medium
Shortbow, +6, 1d6, x3, 60 ft., Piercing, Medium
Dagger, +3/+6, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10 ft., Piercing, Tiny

-- Weaves & Angreal ---------------------------------------------------- ----- Magic Item ------ Notes

--Equipment/Gear --------------------------------------------------------
------ Item ----- Location -- LBS ----- Notes
Studded Leather Armor, Armor Bonus +3, Max Dex +5, Armor Check
Penalty -1, 20 lbs
Aiel Buckler, Armor Bonus +1, Armor Check Penalty 0, 2 lbs
Warder's Sword 10 lbs
Shortbow 2 lbs
Dagger 1 lbs
Quiver w/20 Arrows 3 lbs
Explorers Outfit
Belt Pouch 1/2 lbs
Signal Whistle .01 lbs
Coins 3 lbs.
41.51 lbs

Heavy Horse
Bit and Bridle 1 lbs
Military Saddle 30 lbs
Saddlebags 8 lbs
Bedroll 5 lbs
Winter Blanket 3 lbs
Hemp Rope, 50 ft. 10 lbs
Sack 1/2 lbs
Soap(1 lb) 1 lbs
Shovel 8 lbs
Torch 1 lbs
Whetstone 1 lbs
Trail Rations (7 Days) 7 lbs
2 Waterskins 8 lbs
Flint and Steel ---
Backpack 2 lbs
20 Arrows 3 lbs
Cold Weather Outfit 7 lbs.
95.5 lbs

-- Money & other Valuables-------------------------------------------------------------------
Copper penny (cp): 7
Silver Penny (sp): 3
Silver Mark (mk): 40
Gold Crown (gc): 100

-- Personality ----------------------------------------------------------


by P. Baumgart