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The following is the description of four gangs, that have become part of my campaign over the years. The format matches those of the Shadowrun Companion, and the Underworld sourcebook. Except for Territory which I intentionally left blank.

The Fire Arrows

Gang Focus:This gang banded together mainly for protection. More of an urban "tribe" than a gang, the membership is only open to those of AmerIndian heritage. The Fire Arrows activities have recently expanded into many illegal and quasilegal activities, including BTL's, theft and a new fledgling prostitution ring.

Leader:Night Dancer, human. An Owl Shaman, Night Dancer recently took over the gangs leadership, and increased profitable activities. Night Dancer dresses nearly entirely in black, which matches his jet black hair and eyes. He wears thin eyeglasses when he needs to read something. Night Dancer sleeps during the day, and any disruption of his daily slumber generally ends with the death of the messenger.

Roper, Human. Roper is the closest thing the Fire Arrows has to a Street Samurai. Roper has the most cyberware of anyone in the gang, and owns the gangs only Sub-Machine Gun.

Grizzly. Grizzly rarely says anything to anyone, and when he does he's generally angry. Grizzly has no cyberware, and no magic, yet he has fought his way to the top of the Fire Arrows Leadership. Many members of the gang believe he's a physical adept. Grizzly is not a physical adept, he's a bear shapeshifter. Despite his name no one in the gang except Night Dancer has caught on to Grizzly's true nature.

Gang Rating:Inferior
Head Count:Approximately 20-30 members
Initiation Rituals:The Fire Arrows use two rituals. The first is the cutting of the hand, in which a recruit, and the other gang members cut their hands, and then shake with the cut hands, making them "Blood Brothers". The second, and more commonly used Intiation is the Vision Quest, in which the recruit wanders off to a secluded area, and waits for a few days, without food and water, until they start hearing and seeing things. They then tell the gang what they saw or heard, and are given a name on that premise.(Sometimes recruits use narcotics to aid in their vision quests)
Uniforms:The Fire Arrows uses red and Orange colors, with some black thrown in.
Symbol:A Burning Arrow serves as the gangs symbol.
Operations:The Fire Arrows serve as Couriers, Fences, and other types of criminal middlemen. They have small but growing BTL and prostitution rackets, and still make a good portion of their profits from straight crime sprees.
Foes:The Fire Arrows are really not at war with anyone right now, though the Sledges have been giving them an increasing amount of trouble. Night Dancer is currently using a Amerind troll, by the name of Sklit to infiltrate the Sledges, and keep them from getting organized enough to start a war. Night Dancer is trying, almost desperately, to secure a supply of weaponry to better arm his gang.
Uniqueness:The Fire Arrows are really not that unique. Other than the fact that all have to have AmerInd heritage their like just about every other gang. Their not that well armed, standard members carry knives and zip guns, which are as likely to blow up and hurt the ganger, as they are to hurt an opponent. Though the recent difficulties with the Sledges have caused some of the mebers to start carrying bows. Only the leadership of the gang carry anything bigger than a zip gun.

The Plague Disciples

Gang Focus:Protection. The Disciples originally banded together to protect themselves, their families, and their neighborhood. Even today their main focus is the protection of their "Home Turf"(the neighborhood they originally started out in). All of the Disciples Illegal activities take place on Turf outside of the gang's original neighborhood. As of yet these activities do not go beyond a protection racket.

>On an intresting note:The Plague Disciples picked their name hoping it could bluff out other gangs. They don't actually have anything to do with Plague's or Disciples.

Leader:Rega Sand is a tall black man of Jamaican Heritage. Sand is best known for his battle tactics as of late, and is often reffered to as the sprawl's very own tactical genius. He uses the best gun that can currently be found in the Disciples, a Colt America L36. Sand is also a practicing Houngan.

>Rega Sand is the third person to lead the Plague Disciples. The Disciples first leader went to prison, and their second got his brains splattered over the sidewalk.

>The information on the Disciples Armarment seems to be a little out of date. The last I saw, Sand was packing an Ares Alpha Assault Rifle.
>Barrens Boy

>An Alpha! I think you're wrong on that one Barrens Boy. Where the Hell would a third rate gang like the Plague Disciples get an Alpha?

Straightrazor is one of the two original Plague Disciples that are still members of the gang. As her name implies Straightrazor's preffered weapon of choice is her straightrazor.
Garrote is young and impulsive. Set up with cybereyes, and handrazors, Garrote got his name from the way he made his first kill. Garrote has not used a garrote since though.

>I agree with Barrens Boy that this information is out of date. The last time I saw Garrote his entire left arm had been replaced with a cyberarm, and I quite clearly saw him pull a monowire garrote from a fingertip compartment in that arm to kill some poor scmoe who decided to make fun of him.

>I once had the pleasure of seeing Rega Sand and Straightrazor fighting some rival gangers. I've only seen the moves they used once before. That guy was a government assaasinthat I survived by sheir luck alone.

>What, now your saying the Plague Disciples are goverment trained?

>It could explain the Alpha.

>Sheir luck alone huh? Moss how did you survive that goverment assasin?

>When the bastard had nearly killed me, he knocked me down a little too hard. My Predator went off, left a nice little hole in my leg, and hit him in the family jewels. When he keeled over I pulled the Predator and put a round through his eye.

Gang Rating:Inferior to Superior. If the character's are new, Equal, If the characcter's have some experience under their belts, Inferior. If the characters are facing the Disciples on their "Home Turf", Superior.

Head Count:Approximately 25 to 30 members.

>...and once again we seem to be out of date. Recent events seem to have diminished the Plague disciples membership. Their are currently 6-12 estimated members. Needless to say the Disciples have stepped up their recruiting efforts. The remaining disciples are better armed though. Chances are that wherever they got their new toys from, also cost them half their number.
>Number Cruncher

>I heard one of the Plague disciples boasting that they beat an entire division of Leopard guards.

>Leopard Guards! Yeah right. If they had faced Leopard Guards the Disciples would be in the morgue right now, not boasting in some bar.

>First of all it was three, maybe four Leopard Guards, not a division. Second only one or two of them actually died, the others left when the target they were assigned to protect left. Third, the Disciples were back up for a team of Runners that night. The ensuing firefight left two runners dead, and well over half the Disciples. However, that is where they managed to pick up their new "toys".

>Hey Colt! Didn't I hear somewhere that you were the original leader of the Plague Disciples?

Initiation Rituals:The first requirment for becoming a member of the Plague Disciples is to be a actual resident of the Disciples "Home Turf". The second is to correct some wrong done to the neighborhood.

>After the incident that left over half the Disciples dead, the Disciples have expanded their resident requirement to include resident's of all of their turf. The second requirement is still the same however. The prospective gang member must correct some wrong done to the Disciples "Home Turf". How this is done is entirely up to the prospective member. They could avenge a murder by killing the killer's, or turning them over to Lone Star. They could avenge a cutback in the neighborhod's funds by gunning down the sponsoring council member, or arguing the budget back up. Just as long as they right some wrong to the "Home Turf".

Uniforms:The colors of the Plague Disciples are generally dark violet and black, though any color that looks sickly enough will work.

Symbol:The gangs insignia is a strand of DNA, what the DNA looks like is up to the individual gang Member. The Insignia will show up somewhere on each members clothing.

Operations:The Plague Disciples Primary(and pretty much only) operation are protection rackets. The Disciples refuse to charge protection to the residents of their "home turf". The protection their is free. To those in the Disciples generall turf the protection carries a price, but it provides protection from everybody, not just the Disciples.

>Another thing that should qualify here as an operation (even though it makes no money) is recruitment. In the past couple of weeks the Disciples have quadrupled their recruitment efforts and expanded those efforts to the entirety of their turf.


Foes:The original and most important foes of the Plague Disciples is anyone who tries to screw with their neighborhood. It is said that before the Disciples were formed, their founder hunted down the murderers of a neighborhood boy, and killed them with his bare hands. Recently a powerful gang known as the Sledges wreaked havok on Plague Disciple Turf. The Disciples are definetly not powerful enough to take on the Sledges, and Rega Sand has been doing his best to remedy that problem.

Uniqueness:The affiliation with their original neighborhood is definetly an unusual feature of the Plague Disciples. Also of note is the frantic pace the gang has picked up in its activities. This pace is said to be because of recent trouble with the Sledges. Sand has been working his gang extra hard in preparation for a possible assault from the powerfull gang. The Plague Disciples are a Multi-Racial gang with anyone being a potential member as long as their from the right neighborhood.
One of the most unusual things about this gang is it's tactics. Outside their home turf the Disciples seem to be mearly thugs, and typical gang members. But inside their home turf the Disciples move like a well honed military unit, using everything to its utmost advantage. When fighting on their home turf the Disciples will show no mercy, and would rather die than cede that neighborhood to anyone else.


The Sledges

Gang Focus:The Sledges are characterized more than anything else for their unusual love of sledge hammers. This multi-racial gang generally only cares for their hammers and their fun. Their fun can and often does lead to a trail of destruction not easily ignored by the general public.

Leader:Otto Murdock is giant even for a Troll. He recently managed to obtain an ancient warhammer, of which he is exceedingly proud.

Bubba is a source of constant frustration for Otto. Every time he yells out "BUBBA!" no less than a dozen Sledge gang members turn around. Otto thinks Bubba needs a new name. Bubba is an exceedingly large Ork, and what Bubba can't break with his Sledge hammer, he breaks with a grenade launcher.

Vera is the only member of the gang(well in the leadership anyway.) with a brain. She advises Otto on most plan's of action. When Otto listens(rarely) the gang often gets things done. They become more powerful, more respected, more feared, etc. etc. When Otto doesn't listen(which is often) the gang generally goes out, gets drunk, gets in a barfight, and makes a lot of enemies. Vera is a Troll, and the only member of the Sledges to come close to breaking Otto's record.

Tiny isn't. This big human likes to break things. He's knocked out Troll's with one punch. He's demolished cars with one swing of his Sledge hammer.

Guido loves to watch things shatter. He always takes dibs on breaking windows. Guido also has the largest collection of guns of anyone in the Sledges. They shatter things real good. Just don't crack a short joke to this muscular Dwarf, or he'll shatter your kneecaps.

Stone originally fried his brain on drugs and BTL's. To make matters worse, this Elf is magically active, and often thinks he can see the future in the wreckage of things he's broken with his Sledge hammer.

Gang Rating:Superior

Head Count:Approximately 50-100 members.

Initiation Rituals:To become a member of the Sledges, one must break a carnival bell-ring, with only the mallet they give you. Needless to say, this is always easier when the carnival's in town. Breaking any part of the Bellring is sufficient for membership. What is broken and how it broke is however rembered by the gang members. The current record is held by Otto Murdock, who broke the platform, and the mallet, crushed the bead, and sent the bell flying 100 feet into the air, in second is Vera, who didn't break the mallet. Also members may try to beat their old records, but only after prospective members have had their shot at the Bellring.

Uniforms:Generally, what could be considered the colors of the Sledges, is rust and wood. Otto really doesn't care about that though, so generally the Sledges just wear what they want. The true colors of the Sledges are their sledge hammers. A Sledge is never without his/her sledge hammer.

Symbol:Though Otto really doesn't care about symbols, the sledge hammer often serves as the Sledges symbol.(Boy, I bet you didn't see that one coming.) Some of the gang members haveit on their clothes. The symbol that marks which turf is the Sledges, are simply the giant dents that will be every where you look.

Operations:The Sledges operation's generally consist of the Sledges going to a bar, getting drunk, getting in a bar fight, splitting up into smaller groups, and going around town drunk, looking for something to smash. When the Sledges need money, their money gathering operations generally go something like this.
Sledge Member:Bubba need money.
Honest Citizen:Then get a job.
SM:BUBBA SMASH! (Swings sledge hammer into citizen driving him deep into the concrete sidewalk.) Bubba need money.
Honest Citizen 2:(In Frightened voice) Okay, here's my wallet, my car keys, my house keys, my watch...
The Sledges recruitment standards are fairly loose. as shown below
Sledge Member:Wanna be a Sledge?
SM:Okay.(walks off) Wanna be a Sledge?
Citizen 2:Yeah, sure, why not.
SM:Okay, we go find Bellring

Foes:Because of the many drunken rampage's that Sledge members have gone on, they have many enemies just waiting for them to come back because of what they did. (Can you imagine the damage a drunken Troll with a sledge hammer can do?) Most recently among these are the Fire Arrows, and the Plague Disciples. The Sledges really don't care about these foes. Sure they'll defend themselves if they come after them, but little else. The Sledges also know how to use other weapons, they just prefer to use their sledge hammers. If you shoot at them, they will shoot back. One of the few foes the Sledges actually take seriously are the Steel Swarm. Otto has sworn to wipe the racist gang off the face of the Earth, and the nights that he listens to Vera, are generally the nights that the Steel Swarm and the Sledges clash.

Uniqueness:A bunch of muscular people toting sledge hammers. Hmm. sounds unique to me. Add in the fact that most of them are Troll's, and that the entire gang is drunk over half the time, yep we have a winner.


The Steel Swarm

Gang Focus:The Steel Swarm is a bunch of racist bastards and bigots, with cyberware. Lots of cyberware. The Steel Swarm want to wipe out Metahumanity. Until recently they also held this opinion about magic, and those who use it. The creation of cybermancy changed their minds.

Leader:Crush is the head bastard. Covered in shiny cyberware, Crush thinks he's the biggest baddest Street Sam there ever was. His cyberware is so shiny that people have started calling him Dentyne. He hates that. He really hates that. Make sure you call him that a lot, just be sure he can't catch you. Crush has created a throne room in the gang's hideout. It is lined with Metahuman heads in various states of decay.

Decoy is the number two bastard in the gang. He looks just like Denty... I mean Crush. Urban legend says that there have been several Decoy's. Each one coming to an end when a would be assasin mistaked him for Crush. More urban legend says that Decoy has simply been programmed, through brain washing and cyberware, to think like Crush unless in his presence. Some say that one of those bullets hit Crush, and one of the Decoy's took his place. Still others say that more than one Decoy exists at a time, and that Crush hasn't been out of the hideout for years.
Alicia Slaughter is a cold calculating killer. Some say she didn't join for the hate, she joined for the killing. Most say it doesn't matter, she kills and she kills for the Steel Swarm.

Gang Rating:Superior

Head Count:Approximately 25-75 members.

Initiation Rituals:First one must be human and have at least three visible pieces of cyberware. Then to actual become a member the prospect must hunt down and kill a Metahuman. After doing so the prospect must take the head of the Metahuman and present it to Crush. Crush lines his throneroom with these heads.

Uniforms:The colors of the Steel Swarm, are chrome and steel. They display these through their clothing and their cyberware.

Symbol:The symbol of the steel swarm is that of a single steel cyberarm strangling the life out of a Metahuman. The exact race varies from symbol to symbol, but all of the steel swarm have this somewhere on their clothing. Some members have it tattooed on to them, and still others have it etched into their cyberware.

Operations:The Steel Swarm gets most of it's money from robbing Metahumans, hitting businesses that employ Metahumans, and burgalarizing Metahuman owned homes. It's speculated that they also get part of their funds from hate groups like the Humanis Policlub, and Alamos 20000. When all else fail's the members of the Steel Swarm disguise themselves, and go out selling drugs and BTL's. They'll sell to anyone, but it's a good bet that anything sold to a Metahuman will be spiked to kill, and sometimes the drugs and BTL's sold to human are specially altered to affect the mind and have the victim start sympathizing with twisted hate groups like the Steel Swarm.

Foes:Every Metahuman is the hated foe of these twisted bastards. Recently things have been heating up, and the Sledges have been hitting the Steel Swarm hard. Very hard, and literally. The Sledges have pledged that they will rid the planet of the Steel Swarm. Several times the Sledges have nearly eradicated the Steel Swarm, but several times the Swarm has survived because the Sledges celebrated their victory too early, got drunk, and let the Swarm slip through their fingers.

Uniqueness:Other than the high cyberware content of this gang, nothing is unique about the Steel Swarm. Their just a bunch of racist bastards and bigots.


By P.Baumgart