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Michael Thark
Archetype:Major Fixer

Michael Thark worked his way up out of the Barrens to become one of the most powerful fixers in North America. At least that's what one of the rumors say. Other rumors have it that he's a Dragon, a multi centuries old Vampire, and even a being from another planet whos parents sent him here when the planet was about to blow up... and the rumors go on like this. But one rumor is a hundred percent true, Michael Thark can get you anything, anywhere in North America... for the right price. Every once in a while Thark is forced to meet with someone in person. When meeting Michael Thark one will notice that not one patch of skin, not one hair or nail is visible. Michael Thark is a large man who will always wear a kevlar mask with only eye-slits, and those are obscured by wraparound mirrorshades. He wears gloves and long sleeved shirts constantly, he... wel you get the idea. No one has ever seen Thark's face, and no one ever will.
Notes:Thark should remain a mystery to your PC's no one should ever, ever see his face. I leave Thark's actual race up to you, the GM to decide. Like his face no one should ever find out for 100% certainty what Thark's race is. Though you can leave subtle hints to the players aboutit every once in a while. (For example, in my campaign Michael Thark is an Ork, as of such he refuses his services to certain groups(such as the Humanis Policlub, and Alamos 2000) and members of those groups. He may also be unussually harsh on bigots who have been comitting hate crimes in Ork neighborhoods.(He recently paid a very good salary to have a group of humanis "hit"))


Archetype:Human Dealer

Calliban can get any goods or services anywhere, anytime. The world is Calliban's playground and he can make even the best of the best seem like rank amateurs. No one has ever seen Calliban's face, save the guards at his compound, and they have memory filters. Being a Dealer means that Calliban generally only offers his services to mercenaries, but because of the number of Merc's going over to the Shadows, Calliban himself is getting deeper and deeper into the Shadows. Not that he minds, nuyen is nuyen no matter where it came from. Callibans base of operations is rumored to be in the Swiss Alps. Few have been there, fewer have returned. Calliban summons people to his base on one of only two occasions. 1)The individual summoned has screwed up big time. And I mean big time. 2)The individual summoned is a truly remarkable individual. We are talking literally the best at what they do. In the first case the unlucky individual is summarily executed. In the second the individual is asked to attend a meeting with Calliban. If they accept they are blindfolded, and every other ability they have to track where they're going is similarly neutralized. They meet with Calliban(Who appears as nothing but a shadow in the dark) and are awarded some material desire they have always hoped and dreamed about having(Callibans network is so good, they could have just thought it and never told a soul, and Calliban would still have it waiting there when they arrived). Calliban then offers them a job. If they accept they live the rest of their days as one of Calliban's guards, if they decline they are free to keep their reward and will be put back where they were picked up. Of course the number of individuals in the first category(screw-ups) far out number the number of people in the second. As of such it is generally considered a very bad thing to be called to Calliban's home.
Notes:Calliban's never hidden the fact that he's human even though the rest of him is shrouded in mystery. Calliban should be so damn good at what he does that he makes those such as Michael Thark, or even Cog(From the books of Robert N. Charrette) seem like rank amateurs.



By P.Baumgart