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Vector:Ingestion, 30 minutes, Injection, Instantaneous

Effect:Body x 2 or +6, whichever is greater Charisma -3*
Quickness x 2 or +6, whichever is greater Intelligence -4*
Strength x 2 or +6, whichever is greater Willpower-3*
Initiative Double dice rolled, not to exceed 6D6
*Note that if any mental attribute falls to 0 or below the user becomes a ravening beast unable to control themselves.

Addiction:12 PM Tolerance:8 Strength:1

Often called the drug of suicidal Mass-Murderers, Burnout gives a person a massive boost at a terrible price. Approximately Body(hours)(Cyber/Bioware doesn't help except for blood filtration systems) after Burnout first starts to take effect, the user of this drug takes a Deadly physical wound. Another effect of this drug is that damage modifiers(Including Deadly and overflow) do not apply until this drug wears off.

>I hear this crap was originally created for medicinal purposes. Any truth to that?

>Damn right there's truth to it! A drug that won't let you die? The Doc's were all over it. Unfortunately the massive increase of physical strength and speed, combined with the fact that it turned most people into ravening beasts got it banned from generall practice after a couple patients under it's influence broke out of an ambulance and went on a rampage. The Doc's are still experimenting with differnt versions of this drug to try to find one that won't let you die, but also won't turn you into a superhuman ravening beast.

>Hey I heard some Corps were looking into this drug for the purpose of equalizing their troops If you thought guys on Kamikaze were bad...
>Straight Razor

><Cold Shiver>Don't even think it. If that happens, oh man...



Vector:Ingestion, 30 minutes, Injection or DMSO Instantaneous

Effect:6S stun (special)

Addiction:6M Tolerance:2 Strength:50

This popular Hallucinogen has proven to work well with DMSO, and thus as seen recent use as a non-lethal weapon. When under the effects of this drug one must resist 6S stun damage per dose. This is not real stun damage, it just represents the effects of the hallucinations. As of such when a target reaches deadly stun he/she does not pass out, but simply becomes fully consumed by the hallucination. Note that No-Scan's effect is similar to LSD, the brain speeds up to a rate where brain signals get screwed up, often causing the target to be able to taste colors and see

>Great as a distraction weapon, and non-lethal too. My only problem is if someone gets hit by this shit to many times they may end up addicted to it, which may piss them off, and make them want to take revenge on the person that addicted them to it. Namely me.

>I wouldn't worry about it to much. The Corps, and Security firms have great drug rehab centers, as for anyone else, they should thank the stars that they only ended up addicted to this stuff, instead of dead.

>Saw a Mage get hit with a DMSO/No Scan cocktail once. Distracted him all right, but he started tossing mojo at his hallucinations. We nearly got killed from all the flying mana that appeared around there. Be careful with this stuff, you never know how someone will react to it.




Addiction:6P Tolerance:2 Strength:50

A common misconception about someone under the effects of breaker is that they gain superhuman strength. This is a load of Bullcrap.

Breaker does not increase strength, it does, however, make it's user completely and totally immune to pain. The truth is the majority of the population has the physical strength to break a pair of handcuffs. They just stop trying when they find out it hurts. Someone on breaker doesn't have this problem. This drug is similar to modern day PCP, and as of such there is a similar chance of going berserk at anytime while on this drug. The gamemaster may use standard shaman or combat monster berserk rules with the following exceptions.

1)The berserk rage may go off at any time, with or without provocation.

2)The rage may be longer or shorter than a standard rage.

3)The GM has the option to activate, or not activate the rage at will.

Also, while on this drug, no penalties for injuries may be applied. (Though if the GM wants to add modifiers for the altered state of mind that's fine.) Now, here comes the really fun stuff: People on this drug can do things that would normally be thought to be completely impossible, break handcuffs, roll over cars, they can even run when they have a compound fracture in each of their legs. And one of the most amazing things about this drug, is that they can keep going after they're dead. (Deadly wounds and physical overflow damage have no effect until the drug wears off.)

>I heard that phencyclidine(PCP), which is the component base of this stuff, was originally a horse tranquilizer.
>Black Flag

>I heard that to, but I heard it was an elephant tranquilizer.

>I think the point here is that this crap isn't for humans, it's for god damned animals. Why do people use this crap?

>Some people will do nearly anything to get high. They simply don't bother wondering if they should.



By P. Baumgart