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The Courier


Jack was almost there. Almost to where he had been hired to go to dump the data that was stored in his head. Beside him was a gigantic Troll, who went by the name of Samuel Porter. Sam had been hired to protect Jack and the data that was inside his head.

They weren't five blocks from the meet when it happened. Shots rang out, as others who wanted what was in Jack's head tried to stop them. Jack dove behind a pile of crates, drawing his Walther PB-120, as Sam moved in cybered quickness towards their attackers, his Ingram spitting death at whoever tried to stop them.

Jack moved, running toward the meet. Suddenly an ork, carrying a large handgun called a Predator stepped out in front of him. Jack raised the Walther, firing twice. Though he had been hit by both rounds, the ork didn't seem to even notice the two rounds that had slammed into his chest. The ork smiled, and raised the Predator. Jack stared in horror as he saw the red crosshairs in the ork's eye, and then their was the impact. The round tore through Jack's Hounstooth suit as if it were nothing more than paper mache. An instant after the impact, though it seemed like eternity, Jack heard the discharge of the gun. Jack was suddenly aware of a sticky wetness spreading over his chest and his back. Then the pain came. Jack crumpled to the ground, looking up into the smiling ork's face.

Then it came, a cry of rage, and behind it the chattering of a gun. It was too late for the ork, as the stream of bullets tore him in half. behind the ork, seemingly out of no where Samuel came running up, dropping his smoking machine gun. He grabbed Jack and asked... yelled would be more like it.
"Jack! Jack Why didn't you shoot him in the head? Why didn't you shoot him in the head you stupid bastard!"
Jack thought he could see tears in the Trolls eyes. Then he wondered "Why didn't I shoot him in the head?" as everything darkened, and the life drained out of him.



By P. Baumgart