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Concealing Cloak (Artifact 1)

The name of this Artifact is somewhat misleading. Named for the voluminous hooded cloak that defines this artifacts name, the concealing cloak is actually an entire suit of clothes. Concealing cloak usually range in color from Dark Blue to Black. Though there are some concealing cloaks available in brighter colors, they are exceedingly rare. The clothes themselves come in many styles and fashions from every corner of creation. The cloak itself is made to hang to the ankles of the wearer. The hood of the cloak when pulled up conceals the upper half of the owners face.

The inside of the cloak and the matching clothes feature a number of loops, straps, pockets, catches and snaps, which can in fact hold and conceal a countless number of small weapons. These weapons are never visible when the cloak is closed, and even when open only the sharpest eyed individuals will notice any of the weapons being worn.

The most notable thing about the concealing cloak, however, is that no matter how many weapons it conceals, it never weighs anymore than a normal cloak and suit of clothes would. Those who have had a concealing cloak for some time have been known to amass arsenals of hundreds to thousands of weapons all concealed neatly and nearly invisibly inside the cloak. The cloak does not protect from a physical search, though trying to find and remove all the weapons from a concealing cloak can take hours. Jailers who find themselves dealing with someone wearing a concealing cloak often simply remove the cloak and the corresponding clothes, as trying to find every weapon is likely to take hours, and even the most thorough search often miss one or two blades.

When an Exalted commits 2 points of essence to a concealing cloak, they gain the following benefits.

Storage- When an Exalted tries to store a weapon, the size of a short sword or smaller, in the cloak, they will invariably find some type of loop, pocket or strap perfectly sized for the weapon. Some larger weapons can also be held , if it can be held by a simple device. (i.e. you may find a loop for an axe, but you will not find a sheath for a sword.) Such weapons do not, however, benefit from the cloaks other powers. There is no known limit to the number of weapons the cloak can hold.

Weight- Weapons stored in the cloak, that are the size of a short sword or smaller, weigh nothing, and act as if they were part of the cloak itself. Once drawn, this effect end and will only resume once the weapon is placed back inside the cloak. This effect does not apply to weapons that use moving parts, or complex chemical reactions. Thus while daggers, chakram and shruiken will not weigh anything while stored in the cloak, a hand crossbow, fire dust grenade, bag of coins, or axe still weighs the full amount.

Concealment- If the cloak is kept closed, no weapon, the size of a short sword or smaller, can be seen. The fabric will move and act naturally, as if nothing was stored in it. If the cloak's open, someone who is deliberately and actively looking may make a Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 2) to spot weapons up to the size of a short sword or a Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 3) to spot weapons up to the size of a dagger. Once again this effect does not apply to weapons that use moving parts, or complex chemical reactions. Items such as axes, crossbows, fire dust grenades, and bags of coins only benefit from the concealment a normal cloak would provide. Also this power does not protect from a physical search.

Awareness- An Exalted attuned to a concealing cloak will instinctively know the number, type and location of all weapons, shorter than a short sword, that are stored in the cloak. Once again this does not apply to weapons that use moving parts, or complex chemical reactions. They have to be searched for manually.



By Phil Baumgart. Image by Janeen Satone, used without permission