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Wolverine's Armory 2

Pen Gun

The size of a standard household Pen, the top portion of this weapon looks like a standard pen. This weapon is loaded by unscrewing the the barrel on the lower portion of the pen, inserting a .22 caliber bullet and screwing the barrel back on. To reveal the trigger mechanism, the barrel portion is pulled up, and then bent at a 90 degree angle.

Pen Gun Type:Hold Out Conceal:9/10 9 to spot the pen, an additional 10 to determine there's a gun in it. Ammo:1(b) Mode:SS Damage:4L Availibility:15/18 days Cost:900 Nuyen Street Index:2
Note:Increase all base target numbers by 1.

>Talk about a back-up back-up!

>No kidding. This thing is only worth surprise and shock value. you can't hit anything with it except at near point blank ranges, and it has nearly no penetration power.


Soap Gun

This gun consists of 1.)A bar of soap 2.)An empty pen tube 3.)A rubber band 4.)A thumbtack 5.)Some Twine, and 6.)A .22 caliber bullet. The bar of soap is carved into a handle, a hole is bored into it, through which the pen tube is inserted. The rubber band is combined with the thumb tack and placed over one end of the pen tube. The entire apparatus is wrapped in twine to keep it from coming appart. The .22 calliber bullet is placedin the pen tube.(The same end that the rubber band and thumb tack is at.) When needed the rubber band is pulled back, and released. The thumb tack hits the .22 shell firing it.

Soap Gun Type:Hold-Out Conceal:8 Ammo:1(b) Mode:SS Damage:4L Availibility:Generally you build it yourself Cost:Negligible
Notes:Increase all base target numbers by 1. May be built with the above materials, and a Firearms(B/R)(4) roll.(Though the gamemasters may increase the target number at their discretion) The Gamemaster will determine howoften this gun just blowsup instead of firing.

>What a piece of crap! Why is it even listed?

>Ya know, that's what I said too when I first heard about this gun. Then I nearly got geeked by one. Expect the unexpected, that's why it's listed.

>I knew that thick skull of your's must have been good for something!

>Another reason why it's listed is it's better than nothing. With the guide above you could probably build one of these things if you were to find yourself weaponless sometime.

>Prisoners have been building these things for years. They'll bribe or blackmail a guard into bringing them the bullet. The rest can easily be gotten around the prison. I don't know how long the've been building them, but I know they were around in the Twentieth.


Beretta 205S

New for the Law Enforcement industry! The Beretta 205S Automatic pistol, with the famous ammo capacity and hitting power the the famous Beretta, with one improvement: The new fingerprint scanner will only allow this gun to fire when it's in your hands. Put an end to street trash ending officers lives with their own weapons. The New Beretta 205S, good only in your hands.

Beretta 205S Type:Light Pistol Conceal:6 Ammo:19 Mode:SA Damage:6L Availibility:21/24 Cost:800 nuyen Street Index:3
Notes:The Beretta comes with a built in fingerprint scanner. If the owners fingerprints are not registering on the scanners the Beretta will not fire. The registered prints can be changed in about 30 minutes with a table top computer and a succesful Computer(6) roll.

>This might be impressive...if it came in a higher calliber.


Ruger 150 Dual Clip Pistol

Now double the rounds, watch your adversary flee as the 150 shoots round after round at him.

Ruger 150 Dual Clip Pistol Type:Heavy Pistol Conceal:4 Ammo:10 in each clip, 2 clips Mode:SA Damage:9M Availibility:21/24 Cost:1000 Nuyen Street Index:3


>Uuuuuummmm, whats the point?

>The point is it's a big ass, cool looking pistol. Probably not what us runners want though, they're pistols around with 1 clip that hold nearly as much ammo as both clips on this thing combined, and more importantly, that are more concealable. Leave this things to the security guards, worried citizens, and wannabes who want to look cool.


by P. Baumgart