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Wolverine's Armory 1

I found this file a couple nights ago. Keep in my that I wrote this several years ago.

Double Barreled Shotgun

  Type Concealability Ammo Mode Damage Cost Availability Street Index
Normal   Shotgun  3  2(B)  SS*  10S 500 3/24 HRS   .5
Sawed-Off Heavy Pistol  9  2(B)  SS*  10S 300 3/24 HRS  .75

* This weapon can fire both rounds in one simple action due to how close together the triggers are. Treat this type of action as a short burst per SR2 rules.

>>>>>[The perfect thing for the Mad Max look.]<<<<<
----Doyle <02:33:18/1-1-54

>>>>>[Which one? The pre-simsense movie one played by Mel Gibson, or the guy that took over a suburb of Seattle by force?]<<<<<
----Thorn <14:16:20/2-14-54

>>>>>[The pre-simsense one. I don't even know if the other one has one. From what I hear he modeled his name after the movie figure.]<<<<<
----Doyle <22:22:19/3-25-54

>>>>>[Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.]<<<<<
----Mad Max <22:23:19/3-25-54


Wolverine Security's Multi Cane
Wolverine security has put out their own version of the Barton Arms gun cane for their own executives to use in places where weapons would not be welcome. Looking at all possibilities, the bullet is of the same calliber, but an internal Smartlink is built into the cane. Also this cane packs a sword for after the bullet is expended. The wiring for the smartlink in the trigger mechanism is in a simple wiring port, modeled so it can be plugged back in after pulling the sword. A separate battery powers a stun-stick capability in the cane's shaft.

Wolverine Security Multi-Cane
   Type Concealability Ammo Mode Damage Cost Availability Street Index
Gun Hold-Out  2/9  1(b)  SS  6L 5000 20/14 Days  2.5
Sword Edged Weapon  2/9     (Str+2)M      
Club Blunt Weapon  2     (Str+1)M Stun      
Stunstick Blunt Weapon  2/10 usable 12 times per 1 hour recharge   6S Stun*      

*see page 103 of SRII for stun weapon rules


The Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum mark II
New for the modern world! Smith and Wesson has retooled the design that was once known as the most powerful handgun in the world. The new models combine the best of Modern technology with the sheir hitting power of the Magnum.

  Type Concealability Ammo Mode Damage Cost Availbility Street Index
Magnum II A Heavy Pistol  3  6(cy)  DA*  12M  950 10/21days  3
Magnum II V Heavy Pistol   6(cy)  DA*  12M  1000 10/21days  3
Magnum II X    Heavy Pistol  4  6(cy)  DA*  12M  1200 10/21days   3
Magnum II Ultima Heavy Pistol  2  6(cy)  DA*  12M  1500 10/21 days  3

This weapon has a +2 recoil modifier. The Model II A comes with an integral Laser sight. IIV comes with an integral smartgun link. Model II X comeswith an integral smartlink II. The Ultima comes with an integral Mag-3 Scope, Rangefinder, a Customized grip, and your choice of either a high power laser sight or a smartlink. Smartlink II Ultima's are also available but will run you about 2000 nuyen.

*DA=Double Action, or is it suppose to be Single Action? I've heard it both ways, but the basic gist of it is you pull the trigger and it fires. Nothing else. For game purposes treat it as a Semi-Automatic


By P.Baumgart