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signal intercepted
overide implemented

HELLO PEOPLE!!! The Anarchy Airwaves are back, cominh at you live
from KZHT, what used to be all classical all the time! I'm your host,
Marcus the Troll. As many of our veteran listeners know, we have been
off the air for a year now, ever since we replaced ABS's saturday
morning cartoon lineup with Nudes on Ice, live from Reno. Don't
underestimate those people from Disney friends, they take it reeeaaalll
personally when you fuck with their broadcast. Anway lets go to some

Marcus the Troll:YO! yer on Anarchy Airwaves.

Caller:You Bastards! How could you possibly...

MT:Whoa! Let me cut you off their. I know what your going to say.
Replacing the Saturday morning cartoons with the Nudes on Ice was wrong,
just, just wrong. And to be totally honest our head man, MasterBlaster
was relieved of his duties, and I Marcus the Troll took his place. The
Saturday morning cartoons made us da villians. Maybe we shoulda replaced
ABS's sitcom lineup with the nudes on Ice. Maybe then we'd be regarded
as the heroes instead O' da villians. NEXT CALLER!!!

Next Caller:Hey, whatever happened to MasterBlaster?

MT:He's still around, part of him's in the boss's office, part of him's
in the janitors closet, and hey dere's even part of him in this room.
Okay I'm sick of callers, lets go to Brian Snotbrain in the field.

Brian Snoughbough:That's Snoughbough you bastard!

Mt:Tell me Brian, what did I do to you da last time you talked back to

BS:You threw my car a dozen meters into the air.

MT:Do it again and I'll toss you.


MT:So what do you have for us today?

BS:Well Marcus, in an attempt to get back in good with the public, we
have located the local headquarters of the Humanis Policlub. Now our
original plans called for unimaginative dealings with these bastards by
simply blowing up the place during a meeting, or having you read the
list of member names, that we now have in our possesion, on the air. But
instead we decided to do it in true Anarchy Airwaves style.

MT:And that would be...?

BS:You know those stupid little Mickey Mouse hats, right?


BS:Well we have stolen all the Humanis's trademark hoods and replaced
them with the mouse hats. Our team of mages then time locked an illusion
spell making the hats look like their normal hoods. These spells are
timed to go off at noon today. As you know, Marcus, it is currently
11:59, and the Humanis bastards are in the middle of a march.
MT:Well don't leave us hangin, cut to the audio feed.


Hey Aint dat da dude who lives across the street?

Not for long.

Quick! Take a picture!

Are you getting this?

It's all on film.


BS:Well Marcus, the Humanis Bastards are now running away trying to
cover their faces.

MT:Very good Brian, hey we might even read that list of yours next




MT:Uhp, there goes da buzzer dat means nasty guys with guns are
tracking our signal. This is Marcus the Troll signing off for Anarchy



By P. Baumgart