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The Janderson Minisub

>There's no real sale pitch for this one, so I'll just fill you in on what it is. This sub was basically made for scientific types for examining whats on the bottoms of lakes and oceans. However, recently a new market(read Shadow) was found for this thing.

The Janderson Minisub
Seating:1 bucket +2 Folding Bench
Entry Pts.:1 hatch
Fuel:Diesel/300 Liters
Price:316,000 nuyen
Other Features:Mechanical Arms(2), Whitelight Spotlight

>This things great! The only problem with it is that not all the cities I "Import" to have water access.

>Great! How the fuck in hell do you get great from this piece of crap? No armor, no guns, you'd be crispy chunks before you got anywhere.

>I get great, you fucking moron, from the fact that violence is always the last resort, unless you want to end up crispy chunks. Most of these things belong to scientists, so when border patrol detects one, they assume it's a scientist. And since most scientist belong to corps, they don't get fucked with. Hell, sometimes I use some spray paint and a stencil to heighten that corporate fear. And if all else fails, the arms on this thing can use weapons.

>Bit expensive though, how did you pay for that thing?

>Pay,who said anything about paying?


By P. Baumgart