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VR 1.0 Conversions

Well after perusing Virtual Realities 2.0 I realized some of the programs from 1.0 were missing. I as of such looked up said programs to determine if they just forgot it, renamed it, or if it is obsolete. Here is what I came up with.



Target:Deckers, Frames, SK's

Options:Area, DINAB, Optimization

The Blind program attacks the Sensor Rating of targeted personas. The Target makes a Sensor(Blind Rating) test. Reduce the target's Sensor Rating by 1 for every 2 net successes the attacker achieved




Targets:Deckers, Frames, IC, SK's

Options:One Shot, DINAB, Optimization

A Smoke program simulates a burst of high-volume system activity, confusing perception around the Decker. Executing a Smoke Program requires 1 action, but no success test. Within a node, the Smoke program's rating is added to every target number needed by anything in that Node, including the Decker's own tests. The program degrades, losing 1 point rating every time it is used. Deckers may load fresh copies of the utility by performing a Swap Memory operation.



has beeen effectively replaced by the Read/Write program.



has been effectively replaced by satelitte dishes. I think it's funny that Shadowrun Technology has effectivly gone backwards in this regard.


Auto Execute, and Controller

Theses Programs have been effectively outdated.



By P. Baumgart