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Wolverine's Brain Spasm 1

Welcome to the first in a series of articles called Wolverine's brain Spasm's. These articles are general advice and ranting on how you can be a better player or gamemaster or whatever.


Cowardice, or the lack their of...

After gettting out into the world and talking to a few gamemasters I noticed a distinct lack of something that most role-playing games need badly... PC's that are afraid of something or anything! There are way too many PC's out there that think nothing of confronting, and attacking a Dragon. Now my first reaction to this lack of fear was to think "If any PC's like that entered my game, they'd be dead inside of two minutes." But then I started thinking, "Wait a minute, I seem to remember a game where I wasn't afraid of anything." and I traced it back to the two games where I seemingly feared nothing, Battletech(and I know my attitude is completly wrong here, and I'm desperately trying to change it.) and the game that gives all RPG's a bad name D&D. Well after I figured out what games had had no fear in them for me I started to think "Exactly where did I turn around." and after some searching figured out that it was my first game of the Aliens RPG that did it. I had been a massive Aliens fan before I even knew the game existed, so when our group played our first game I approached with a different attitude. Instead of approaching the game with a full-frontal-attack-blow-them-all-to-hell-attitude, I approached the game with a avoid-if-possible, scream-cuss-firing-your-rifle-over-your-shoulder-as-you-run- away-as-fast-as-you-can attitude. So instead of yelling "Mouhahah, die multitude of Dragon's" as I had in previous games I started yelling "Shit, shit, shit, the damn bugs are after me, get the fuck out of my way!" This is the attitude I have pretty much retained for all future games. Now I'm not saying be a coward all the time, I'm just saying increase the number of running battles, and be afraid once in a while. I just let my player's kill their first shape-shifter in combat, and it nearly killed them, PC's shouldn't be killing god damn dragons!


Physads and power Foci

A long time ago our group decided that those Physical Adepts with the foresight to purchase the Astral Perception power could bond with power 1 power focus of level 2 or less. This has helped balance our game greatly.



What can I say but I love that spell. Now I know some of you are probably out there bitching and moaning about this potentially game unbalancing spell so here is a list of the restrictions I placed on this spell for our campaign.

  1. Foretelling is always an exclusive spell, however PC's do not get a bonus for it.
  2. Fetishes must always be used when you have a Foretelling spell
  3. PC's using the spell more than they should will see a) the exact same thing they saw last time, b)static
  4. Crystal Balls are banned
  5. and finally the GM reserves the right to set off the spell whenever the hell he wants to, with the PC's permission or no.


Well that's it for brainspasm #1, don't forget to tell me what you think about it.


by P. Baumgart