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Advanced Parts

"After the capture of one of their stockpiles, the Tech Boys told me the Falcons we were dealing with were using an advanced PPC, and Heat Sink design. I used this information later on when we infiltrated an active hangar. I would have loved to see the expression on those Clan Pilots faces when their control panels blew out after a barage from a scout lance."
---Colonel Robert Jones, C/O of Jones Irregulars, the Infiltration and sabotage division of the Wolverine Legion.


When the mercenary unit, The Wolverine Legion, landed on the planet on Sudeten they received on unpleasant surprise. The Jade Falcons occuping the planet had developed advanced PPC and Heat Sink designs, advanced even on Clan standards, and were field testing them there. The Falcons, however, also had an unpleasnt surprise coming. The Legion had a planning, cunning, intelligence, ferocity, and sheer tenacity that these Falcons had never had the misfortune to deal with before. In the end the Legion accomplished their objective, plus had captured the plans for the advanced clan technology.

This technology was originally only available to members of the Jade Falcons and the Wolverine Legion, but with recent events (Mainly with Clans Jade Falcon and Wolf shatter themselves on each other and the recent location of the Clan Homeworlds) who knows where this technology may show up next.

Special ER PPC
One of the bigger finds the Legion made on Sudeten, this PPC allowed Peter "Wolverine" Youngblood to field a design he had been toying with, which he now uses as his personal 'mech. The PPC ways a half ton less than its Clan counterpart and creates 3 less heat. The Design is currently used in Peter Youngblood's specialized Wolverine IIC, and Jack Hunter's custumized Marauder IIC. Rumors also abound that Scott Youngblood, Peters older brother, and leader of the defense force on the Legions home planet has also incorparated the design into his already Clan modified Black Knight.

   Heat  Damage  Short  Medium  Long  Tonnage  Critical
 S. ER PPC   12   15   1-7   8-14   15-23   5.5   2

Half-Ton Heat Sink
This item takes one critica slot, dissipates 1 point of heat, and weighs half a ton. This heat sink can be used with both other kinds of heat sinks, and is a designer's(and tech's) dream, because they are as efficient as a double heat sink, but are easier to place.



By Greg Coyle. Typed up by P. Baumgart