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More Lingo

Here's some more Lingo that has developed in our game over a number of years.

Stusig (Stuffing Shit In Gold) = Stuffing low-grade cyberdeck parts into a high grade shell Ex:Stuffing Vic 20 parts in a Fairlight Excaliber

Dif (Death In The Family) = When a close friend, member of one's own team, a Mafioso, or (in rare ocasions) an actual family member dies.

Spontaneus Combustion - Somebody who's the victim of damaging Ritual Magic

Hot? - Common line said to someone wearing 2 or 3 layers of armor in the middle of August.

Killer Puppy - term used to refer to a pet when the pet is a "big ol' nasty paraanimal" Generally but not always a Hellhound. Ex:(While Surveying Corporate grounds.) Oh no. I see about a dozen killer puppies.

Uh-Oh - what players often say when they spot the gamemaster smiling for no particular reason.

Moron - Person without a smartlink or smartgoggles using a Predator II instead of a Predator.

Demolitions Expert -used to refer to someone who thinks they can disarm an explosive device, but has no actual idea what they are doing. Often used postthumously. Also, a Magicker that likes to blow up nearly everything they look at. Also but rarely used for an actual Demolitions Expert.

Dead (Wo)Man - Someone Who's killed a cop. (Especially a Sioux cop.)


By P. Baumgart