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Kid is the character I play in the Heaven Hath No Fury (HHNF) game, which is hosted by TCR games a Shamanic PhysAd Well that's his streetname anyway, no one knows his real one... not even him. He was found in an unconscious in an alley in Seattle last year by two runners celebrating a big score. when asked who he was, all he could remember was something about howling wolves...

Soon the two runners discovered that Kid was a PhysAd and enlisted his help for some future runs, training him how to survive in the shadows.

Kid is actually Thomas Robertson, son of a very wealthy family in California Free State. Thomas led a fairly easy life of luxury. In college he was mostly intrested in partying, though he learned quite a bit about science from the classes he took, though any Proffesor was nervous about having him in their class as he quickly developed a reputation for having equipment break down around him, and the Proffesors weren't too thrilled about him thumping on their expensive equipment to fix it.
As happy as he was, his parents were shocked when Thomas fell in love with a poor girl named Mary Johnson, who was at the college on an academic scholarship. It was on a date with Mary that it happened. A gang of ruffians approached them. Thomas was fairly shocked when he realized the Criminals were trying to kidnap Mary instead of him. However, during the attack, Wolf and Thomas's previously unknown PhysAd powers came roaring to the surface. The ensuing chaos allowed Mary to escape. Thomas injured several of the attackers before one managed to break a shovel over the back of his head. With there target gone, the atackers settled for taking Kid. Why they dumped him in Seattle is unknown.
Thomas's parents William and Linda Robertson dearly love there son and have been looking for him since his disappearance.
Kid is not that great with technology, in fact it seems to be constantly breaking down around him (Though a sharp jolt will generally fix it.) Kid's past causes him a great deal of anguish. He really knows of only two clues to his past. One is his totem, Wolf, however Wolf seems cryptic and talking to him generally tends to only frustrate Kid more. Two are the flashbacks and dreams. As frustrating as talking to Wolf is Kid acts like the flashbacks cause him physical pain. (Who knows, maybe they are) Particulary his most frequent flashback. (I'm going to describe this In Character, as it's the best way I can think of to describe it.)

"I'm outside the theatre, the glimmering lights sparkling down upon the street. My Tux is immaculate, and I know, I just > know for some reason that is a very expensive, very fine Tux. I also know that I greatly enjoyed the movie I just saw, though > I can't remeber what movie it was. Just as I know that I greatly enjoyed the company of my date, though I can't even > remember her name now. As we walk onto the street A dark Van pulls up, and several dark weapon wielding people get > out, my date screams as they approach us, though I no longer remember their words. I take a different approach. A surge of > energy flows through me, I do not know what it is, though since then that same energy has run through my veins a thousand > times. I move towards a Troll, he bellows something. Though I do not know what it is I get the impression that I'm not the > one their there for, which for some reason, surprises me. But for some reason I continue. A fist to the stomach, and a kick to > the jaw sends the Troll flat, but that can't be right, I can't believe I've just flattened a Troll with only my hands (and feet). But > I do not pause to ponder it. I continue taking out the rest of our attackers. Then I pause thinking I've won, and then A loud > 'Thunk!' and my world explodes into darkness, and all I can hear is the howling of wolves..."

For a moral code, well it's hard to really put ino words. Lets just say Kid is not a mad dog killer though he will kill if he > belives he has to. If Kid wiilingly gives his word on something he will often go to the ends of the earth to fulfill his promises. > However Kid does not easily give his word, and he believes that any form of duress applied to him by someone to give his > word invalidates any promise he makes them, in this way he refuses to be trapped by honor.

Kid has a bad temper, though he can easily contain it most of the time. He is generally a fairly easygoing, friendly, and often > quiet guy. Kid is about 6'3" with light brown hair and blue eyes. Thogh it i generally not visible through his hair, anyone looking through > it would notice a scar on the back of his head consitent with him getting hit by a large blunt object sometime in his life. He > dresses for the appropriate weather and/or run he is cuurrently on.
Karma Spent:
8 points to increase Willpower from 3 to 4
1 Point for Aura Reading 1
1 Point for Car 1

4 extra attribute points (4)
Astral Sight (3)
Quick Healer (2)
Bravery (1)

Amnesia (-2)
Gremlins (-2)
Flashbacks (-4)
Sensitive System (-2)


Power Points:6

Active Skills
Edged Weapons:6
Unarmed Combat:6
Throwing Weapons:6
First Aid:7
Aura Reading:1

Knowledge Skills
City Speak:7
Sign Language:4
20th Century Music:1
Gang Identification:2
Safehouse locations:2

Physical Adept Powers Cost
Improved Reflexes 2 3
Killing Hands Moderate 1
Low-Light Vision .25
Flare Compensation .25
Improved Scent .25
Enchanced Hearing .25
Sound Dampening .25
Telescopic Sight (Similiar to Optic 3) .25
Direction Sense .25
Improved Taste .25> >
Karma Pool:1
Good Karma:15
Combat Pool:8

Secure Jacket
Cougar Longblade
11 Throwing Spikes
10 Thowing Knives
10 Shruiken
Shock Gloves
Caseless Colt Manhunter
2 Clips Regular ammo
2 Clips Gel Ammo
2 Clips APDS Ammo
2 extra Regular rounds
2 extra Gel rounds
2 extra APDS rounds
Concealable Holster
Ratiing 2 Credstick (John Smith) (Recently confiscated)
Ordinary Clothes
Low Lifestyle(1 month prepaid)
Squatter Lifestyle(9 months prepaid)
Pocket Secretary
2 Offensive airfoil grenades (1 HE, 1 AP)
Pocket Flashlight
Wire Clippers
Ultrasound Detector
2 airfoil concussion grenades

Starting Money:
1000 nuyen

Contacts (All level 1)
Michael Thark (Fixer)
Michael Thark is a powerful Fixer, who claims that he can get you anything, anywhere you want in North America...for enough Nuyen, A claim he has always made good on. No one has ever seen Thark's face, and even his race is a mystery. This was the Fixer that Rebel and Hunter
handled most of their business through, and they basically introduced Kid to him.

Wraith (Ghost Hunter)
Skinny, even for an Elf, Wraith is Kid's link to a Seattle based Shamanic PhysAd Intiatory group. A follower of Racoon, Wraith has the nasty habit of sudddenly appearing out of nowhere, and has nearly given Kid a coronary (And Nearly gotten a fist in the face.) several times. Wraith
has a tendency to show up when no one is expecting him, though Kid knows of a message box to leave messages in should he need to contact Wraith.

Rebel (Rigger)
Named for his Southern accent, and Confederate Civil war cap, Rebel is one of the two runners that rescued Kid off the street a year ago, Rebel switched proffesions to Smuggler when his long-time partner, Hunter, disapeared a couple months ago. Kid knows of a message box if he needs to contact Rebel, one that feeds him the address of a new message box every once in a while right before the old one expires.
By P. Baumgart