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I wrote this very short story on my break at my job. People(especially delivery people) had this nasty habit of sneaking up on me(I don't think it was deliberately) and then asking me a question(like:"Can you sign for this?"). When they did this I generally ended up jumping about 10 feet into the air. One day I got so damn mad about it that I wrote this.

Wolverine's reflexes kicked in as he silently cursed himself for letting his guard down. The Savalette Guardian seemingly sprung itself into his right hand and ended up with the barrel less than an inch away from the delivery boy's face.
"ery?" The young man finished the word with a note of fear as he noticed the rather large handgun that was suddenly in his face, and the red cross hairs that had appeared in Wolverine's right eye.
Wolverine put the gun back in it's holster as quickly as he had pulled it out, and silently thanked the spirits that he had the reflex trigger placed in his wired reflexes. The half a second delay it had provided had saved the delivery boy's life. Wolverine signed for the delivery and watched to make sure the now pale and shaky delivery boy made it to his van.


By P.Baumgart