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Juan And Guido's Breather Shop

Down in Aztlan? Getting pissed off because any effective breather makes you look like a complete and total geek, and any fashionable breather means you'll probably go to sleep and wake up in the trauma ward because it is a complete and total piece of crap?
If the answer is yes, then you my friend need to come to Juan and Guido's Breather Shop. Located in various back alleys of Tenochtitlan(A different one each week, sometimes each hour), we take the effectiveness of a standard breather, and combine it with the style and fashion of an Aztlan breather. Juan and Guido's, the place to go if you want to be sociable, but you are rather fond of breathing to.

Juan and Guido's Breather Shop
Small Residence/Juan and Guido, Tenants/Strong Bias against Azzie loyalists

Because of who they deal with, and their opinions on the Aztlan goverment and Aztechnology, Juan and Guido's changes locations on a regular basis. If you bring them both the breathers needed for the process(The fashionable one, and the one that works) they will make you a fashionable and working breather for a mere 500 nuyen(No I didn't convert it to pesos). If you don't bring the parts you can look forward to paying 150%-500% of the combined price of both breathers.

Juan and Guido
Juan and Guido are technicians extradanaire, though they choose to work almost exclusively on breathers. No one really knows which of the pair is Juan, and which is Guido, because they are constantly switching their names. To make matters worse the two look similar, really shooting the confusion factor through the roof.
Note:Yes, Juan and Guido are twin brothers.



By P. Baumgart